T-Mobile Updates SyncUP DRIVE To Work With Multiple Vehicles

T-Mobile ODB dongle, SyncUP DRIVE, has been updated to work with up to 24 different vehicles, instead of just one. This is likely not a feature that everyone is going to use, but it does give users the flexibility of using it in a second or third or more cars than just one. It also means that they could take it with them when they travel and use it in their rental car for a mobile hotspot. Using the app, you'll be able to track all of the vehicles using SyncUP DRIVE, so if you have a fleet of vehicles, you can use SyncUP DRIVE to find out where each vehicle is, how much data each has used and so forth. This is all done at no extra charge, but you do have to buy a different ODB dongle for each vehicle that you want to use simultaneously.

In their press release, T-Mobile is touting the fact that the SyncUP DRIVE dongle is a great product for parents of new drivers. Seeing as they'll be able to keep tabs on where their child is, with the built-in GPS, but also be able to keep tabs on what is going on with the vehicle. For instance, if the check engine light comes on, parents will be able to figure out what's going on and get it taken care of before it gets any worse. Which is definitely a nifty feature, especially at the price of the SyncUP DRIVE.

The T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE is a ODB Dongle that was made by ZTE, but with T-Mobile's branding. The dongle costs $48 upfront, or you can put $o down and pay $2/month for 24 months for it. Coming in at just $48 full retail price, this is a great dongle to pick up for that added flexibility of having a hotspot in the car, but also for the GPS and maintenance functionality of the SyncUP DRIVE. You can pick up the T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE dongle from your local T-Mobile store, or by ordering online at T-Mobile.com. It'll be added to your account as an internet device, and be able to use your data, or get unlimited data on T-Mobile ONE.

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