T-Mobile To Celebrate #Thankiversary With Major Prizes


T-Mobile's promotional T-Mobile Tuesdays will be celebrating its very first #Thankiversary on June 6, and T-Mobile is commemorating that occasion by revisiting some of the most popular past promotions from its loyalty program, as well as handing out a wide variety of prizes. Exactly 100 LG G6 units and a trip for four to Las Vegas to see any event at the T-Mobile Arena are up for grabs, among other prizes. Discounted movies and free Baskin-Robbins ice cream will run all through June, while special promotions will begin on the aforementioned date.

The Vegas trip is the grand prize of the latest initiative and will only be given out once during the whole promotional period. Customers will get $4 worth of free Baskin-Robbins ice cream each week during June and can get a second sundae for only $0.99 when they purchase one at full price. June 6 will also see customers given the chance to win free Baskin-Robbins for a year. Discounted tickets for some of the biggest movies coming out in June will also be available. Fan favorites like a free T-Mobile trucker hat, Shell Fuel Rewards, and two free rentals from Redbox are making their triumphant return here, as well. On top of that, customers can enter to win the aforementioned grand prize, as well as one of 5,000 Lyft credits worth $25.

T-Mobile's Un-Carrier moves have been a major force in helping the company shake up the industry in recent years, and T-Mobile Tuesdays played an important role in that endeavor. While it inspired a few copycats, Magenta is still the only one pumping major effort into its free customer appreciation program. To back that notion up, T-Mobile provided a few statistics in its blog post; for example, customers have eaten enough free Wendy's Frosties to fill 350 hot tubs, eaten over two million free pizzas, and gotten enough free gas through Shell Fuel Rewards to drive the whole distance to Mars, then back to Earth. 4,300 coast-to-coast drives' worth of free Lyft trips have been taken, and about 3,000 years' worth of free movies have been watched. More details on the company's loyalty program will likely be available later this year.


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