Sprint Unveils New Incentives For Switching To Boost Mobile

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Sprint has a brand new campaign called “Project Switch” going on in an effort to get more customers moving to one of its prepaid subsidiaries. Project Switch was revealed via the company’s official newsroom site on May 11, and it seems to be a genuinely good deal, albeit with one or two caveats. Accompanied by the tagline, “Boost makes it easy to switch. Switching to Boost makes it easy to save.” Project Switch is all about saving money or at least getting more for your money.

The company compares the value of its new incentives to the plans currently available through rival MetroPCS. With that particular competitor, Sprint says, $100 will net a customer “2 GB of high-speed data per line.” Meanwhile, Boost’s high-speed data doesn’t actually top out, according to Sprint. That’s because data is unlimited for every line under the incentive-driven plan. So consumers are still paying the same price they would be with MetroPCS, but without having to worry about how many gigs of data they’ve used at any given point in the month. Switchers are also eligible for up to four free phones from within a range of unspecified options, to sweeten the deal.

That said, whether or not the deal is too good to pass on will depend on whether or not the associated network will serve the customer’s needs based on their use and location. Sprint’s network has been undergoing some pretty intensive improvements over the last several years and there is more to come, but it may still be a good idea to check first. There are also one or two things prospective buyers should know, with regards to some of the fine print behind the deal. First, Sprint notes that taking advantage of the deal does require at least one line being ported in from another carrier and that the cost stays the same whether you have one line or four lines on the plan. The best value will be with all four lines being used. A fifth line can also be added for an extra $30 per month. Finally, while data is unlimited with the new Boost switch incentives, and this is true of most carriers, data deprioritization will happen during peak congestion periods. However, all of that is pretty standard fare for pre-paid services and incentives campaigns, so none of those caveats should really be a deal-breaker.