Sprint Now Offers A 2GB Data Plan For $40 A Month

Sprint now offers a 2GB data plan for $40 a month for customers who don't want to pay the additional amount on their monthly plan for Unlimited data. This new plan from Sprint seems to have been recently added but it wasn't highly advertised by the carrier which led the new plan to slip into the lineup of offerings mostly unnoticed. The new plan saves customers $20 each month when compared to the unlimited plan for a single line, and is available for both single line customers and those who are looking to set up a family plan, though the $2GB plan does not offer any savings on additional lines beyond the first like the Unlimited Freedom Plan does, which is $60 a month for the first line, then $40 for the second line and $30 a month for any more additional lines.

With this in consideration it only benefits customers to stick with the $40 a month plan with 2GB of data if they don't need more than four lines, because once customers reach the fifth line the cost of the Unlimited Freedom Plan is less than five lines on the $40 a month plan, and this is due to the savings that customers are granted by adding additional lines to the unlimited offering. As an example, five lines on the $40 plan comes out to $200 a month as opposed to five lines on the Unlimited Freedom Plan which comes out to $190 a month. At this rate customers would save $10 and get the benefit of unlimited data to go with it. It's also worth noting that the $40 a month price for customers is contingent upon setting up autopay, which saves $5 a month per line as the original plan price per line per month is $45. The savings between this new plan and the unlimited plan will differ based on whether or not customers get the autopay savings.

For the $40 plan customers get 2GB of data usage per month and this includes mobile hotspot, as well as unlimited talk and text, and unlimited international text. The unlimited is mostly the same except it bumps the data use to unlimited 4G LTE data, and ups the mobile hotspot amount each month to 10GB per line, and finally it adds HD video streaming. Depending on how many lines are needed by the customer, Sprint's new $40 a month plan could turn up to be a great value, so long as they don't use a lot of data.

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