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In this day and age keeping your personal data backed up is an important thing to keep in mind as it can be easy to lose important information. This applies to text messages as well especially with text messages being the main form of communication for many smartphone owners these days, though not all users may be familiar with how to back up the data from their texts in a simple and fast way without much effort on their part. Luckily software like FORecovery's Android Data Recovery software has an option for backing up your text messages in the event that you want to save any of the information inside of them. It's also a pretty painless process to complete as its easy to use. But what about recovering deleted text messages from any Android Phone? Well the software is capable of doing that too, which might be more useful if you end up needing something that you accidentally deleted, which isn't hard to do as we've all probably been there.

Before you can get started with recovering your deleted text messages or backing up any important data from your smartphone, you'll need to head to the FORecovery website and download as well as install the Android Data Recovery software.

Once you have it installed everything you really need is right in front of you on the main screen of the app, including more than just a feature for recovering text messages which may have accidentally been deleted.

Of course, first you'll have to connect your device to your PC so the software is capable of detecting your device to allow it to continue with its operational functions.

You'll need to have USB debugging enabled for the software to find and connect to your phone, and the software provides a handy bit of information on how to do this for the various different OS versions of Android, from Android 2.3 and earlier all the way up to Android 6.0 and newer. That said, it seemed to have trouble finding my Google Pixel on Android 7.1.2 software, and USB debugging was already enabled prior to connecting the device. I had also tried disabling the USB debugging toggle and retrying this connection process, but to no avail.

If the software doesn't detect your device you do have another option as there is a button you click that will allow you to manually select your device name and model, and proceed with the connection and then the text recovery that way. The software has a limited support list at the moment and seems to only include Samsung's list of varied Galaxy devices at this point, but should be including more devices in the future.

Aside from the data recovery option, the software also allows you to backup and restore your device too, with options to backup and restore images, music, documents, texts, and more.

You can also root the device using this software. If you're not particularly clear on how to root your device with ADB and other tools, then this might be your best option for rooting a device so you can utilize root-only features. Keep mind though that your device will need to be supported for the software to complete the root.

In addition to rooting your device the Android Data Recovery software can also extract data from your damaged device. So in the event you need to get information off of it but can't boot it up like you normally would, this is the option that you want to pick. Provided of course that your device is not completely destroyed.

There are a few other options available in the software that could be useful. For example, if you forget your lockscreen password or PIN number, then the lock screen removal option would be able to assist in getting this taken off the device so you could get back into it, then promptly redo a new password or PIN for the lockscreen so your device is able to stay secure. There are also options for erasing any data you may want completely wiped off of your device, and this would be a great option if you're planning on giving your device away to someone else or selling it, as you won't want your personal information in the hands of someone else. There is also a screen record option for recording what you do on your device, which could be useful if you like to record tip videos or just need a video of your device usage, and there is a SIM unlock option if the device needs to be unlocked to use with other carriers, which is a pretty common thing these days.

Whether it's recovering deleted text messages or backing up and restoring data, the FORecovery Android Data Recovery software has plenty of tools to help you in a number of ways. The software was easy for me to install and you do get a trail version to test things before deciding if you want to buy, so you get an idea of how things work first which was nice. You might never need to recover deleted messages, but the software provides this service in the event that you need it, and there are a handful of other features on top of it to make it useful during different situations too.


  • Speed (5/5) - Installation was quick and operation seemed to be quick too.
  • Features (5/5) - A nice spread of different tools to help with a varied set of situations
  • Theme (4/5) - Nice looking UI that isn't difficult to navigate and everything is pretty much right in front of you.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - A good piece of software that is great for anyone who wants to backup or restore their device data, and an added bonus for users who need to recover lost data or root their device.


  • Root tool
  • Data recovery tool recovers quite a few different types of data and files
  • Easy to use and easy to install
  • Trial for testing the software before you buy
  • Is capable of extracting data from a damaged device


  • Limited device support, would not connect to my Google Pixel with Android 7.1.2

Data recovery is not something everyone needs, but it's a good idea to have something on hand just in case you do need it as it's better to be prepared. With a handful of different things that the Android Data Recovery software can do for its users it's really an indispensable piece of software, and with the option to try it out before you buy it's worth giving a look.

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