Sponsored App Review: PlayMobo – Gaming News & Bounty


If you enjoy mobile games and you spend a fair amount of time playing them on your device or devices, then you probably spend a fair amount of time looking for new games as well, and you might even spend a little time reading about new or popular mobile games too, even if it's just to learn about a particular upcoming game that you're sort of interested in. If that sounds like you then you may want to check out PlayMobo, an application that combines recommended game lists based on different factors with game news, reviews, and social aspects with a rewards system for playing mobile games. It's essentially a mobile gaming hub that offers a handful of different features and consolidates what you may already be doing with mobile games into one app so you aren't having to jump around.

Before you can get started, you'll need to head to the Play Store and download PlayMobo and install onto your device. You can also visit the official site here.


Before you actually get to the core of the app PlayMobo walks you through a tiny little tutorial of sorts. It's not really a tutorial, rather just a handful of splash screens that highlight the key features the app. Still though, I found this to be useful because it was pointing out important things about the app to me. Of course you can skip this if you choose by tapping the skip button.

On the main page you'll be dumped right onto the featured tab which lists different games that you can scroll through. There will be an "Editor's Choice" game at the top of the list, followed by other popular game titles below it. Above the Editor's Choice game there are also filter options that allow you to browse games by newcomer, cash cow, top search, or innovative.


If you hit the side hamburger menu you can bring up your profile settings if you signed up or signed into the application. Here you can find notifications, things you have favorited, and this is also where you can access your rewards that you have accumulated by playing games through the app.


Rewards are earned by playing games and can be accumulated daily. Rewards are more or less two-fold. There are "feature points" which is what you can gather daily by playing games and completing certain requirements, like installing a certain game, as well as playing that game for a few minutes, and then there are the rewards which you can redeem with feature points, like Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Play Store gift cards and more. In the future PlayMobo will also add other redeemable rewards options, and this will include Steam credit, PayPal cash, and other types of gifts. In addition to playing games for points daily, PlayMobo also holds monthly giveaway and bounty events for users, as well as monthly giveaways for heroes, gems, and diamonds so there is really a lot that users have the chance to obtain.

As mentioned there are some social aspects to PlayMobo. For instance, if you find something you're particularly fond of and you think your friends and family might like it to, whether it's an actual game or a game news article, you can tap the share button to share it with them and there are even multiple share options like copying the URL, sharing through Facebook, or sharing through Email or text messages.


The other social element is that games and game news in the app have a comments section where you can talk with other community members of the app. You can also see how many comments were posted to each piece of content within PlayMobo too.


With the news tab inside of the app you'll see a list of different game-related articles and if you're curious to read a game review, ones that have reviews will have the "Review" tag next to the title. It'll also list if there's video content associated with each post, and there is an embedded YouTube player right in the app so you can watch videos without having to exit out to a different app to view the video.

Under the My Games tab you'll find any games within the app that you have followed. If you haven't followed any games this page will be empty, but regardless of whether or not it's empty there is also an option to view the Top Charts games which are the games with the most follows from users, as you can see in the screenshot above.


In addition to browsing games in the already created lists, you can also search for games by tapping the search button that sits in the top right corner.

While it might not be to everyone's liking, PlayMobo is a great little hub for finding the best games on Android and it has similar features to what you'll find in the Play Store, like screenshots of the games, reviews, and a comment section. On top of all that it gives a way to read news and watch videos about those games, and it rewards users for playing games, which is great if you're already playing. So why not be rewarded for something you're already doing?



  • Speed (5/5) – There was next to no setup for the app which made on-boarding quick and painless, and the app runs smoothly.
  • Features (5/5) – It might seem like just a simple app that consolidates lists of top games to play, but it is really a lot more than that and offers up some great features from rewards to social elements.
  • Theme (4/5) – The app looks pretty good and is easy to navigate.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – A well-rounded app with plenty to offer the mobile gaming enthusiast.


  • Nice looking UI
  • Earn points for playing games
  • Rewards by redeeming points for things like Amazon and Play Store gift cards
  • Game news
  • Comments Section
  • Monthly and daily giveaways


  • Some might prefer the option to login or signup with other social media accounts, such as Twitter or Google Plus

When it comes down to it, if you play mobile games quite a bit this is a cool app to have installed. It gives you access to new and popular games to try out and you'll end up being rewarded for playing games. What could be better than that? Not to mention the rewards will change daily so you can expect new and fresh games to test out. The app is also free, so definitely at least give this one a look.