Sony Xperia X Receives Unexpected Final Concept Update

The Sony Xperia X Concept program will call it a day with the release of its final bonus update, carrying the version number 38.4.A.0.45. The software package ships with the newest version of the Xperia Home launcher, build 10.2.A.3.0, which will allow users to take advantage of a redesigned wallpaper picker. As a parting gift, the developers at Sony apparently included a hidden Easter egg within the last software package. Sony Xperia X owners can unlock this Easter egg by typing *#*#2468#*#* in the dialer to obtain a new Android wallpaper as well as different system icons.  So far, the Xperia X Concept program has proven to be a success by gaining a reasonable amount of popularity among users, but the Japanese tech giant still decided to discontinue it.

For those who are not familiar with Sony’s Xperia X Concept, it is a rapid development platform that Sony relied on when testing new features via software updates on their Xperia X smartphone. This is a relatively safe environment for testing out new features that would allow Sony to better prepare for upcoming software updates. Sony has also denied the possibility of relaunching the Concept program for other Xperia devices that run on Android, despite speculation by users that a similar experimental platform might be reintroduced in the future. The Xperia X Concept program was available exclusively for the Xperia X and the Xperia Z3 range prior to that.

The InTouch forums will remain open in order for users to continue communicating with Sony's developers though. The latest 38.4.A.0.45 update, dubbed as the "Country Roads" release, will weigh in at 45.1MB. This means it should take just a while to download without having to hook up to a Wi-Fi network. Installation of the 38.4.A.0.45 update will not affect existing user data, so there is no need to perform a user backup before that. So far, there has been no reported issues of bugs or crashes upon installation of the final Xperia X Concept software update, which is always a good sign. Users are already asking whether it will remain on the "experimental" track or get a push to the "stable" track, and having the latter happen would be a fitting send off for the Xperia X Concept program.

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