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XDA Developer PanWasky has released a new app called Screenshot Assistant to the Google Play Store intended to make capturing just the right things with a screenshot much easier. The primary function of Screenshot Assistant is that it allows screen captures to happen right from a device's home button, but it goes quite a bit further in expanding the usability of Android's screenshot tools. The app will enable users to crop screenshots and th0se shots can also then be shared with relative ease. There are a couple of ways that is an improvement over the stock method. Overall, that makes it a pretty great tool to reduce the total taps needed for those users who like to use screen captures to share news or images via social media or messaging. It also makes things easier for those of us who just love to customize our devices' launcher setups or home screens before showing them off online.

The application itself is free and is pretty easy to use, once configured. However, as explained in the Play Store description, configuring does take a couple of extra steps. As listed those require users to first navigate to settings, and then to Apps. Then there is a Settings icon at the top right-hand side of the screen that will need to be tapped, followed by picking the Assist & voice input option. Finally, users need to choose Assist app and then pick Screenshot Assistant. Users will also want to make sure that any battery optimizations settings or applications they are using are not including Screenshot Assistant in the list of apps to be optimized. The developers have also helpfully outlined how to do that for Huawei users. For those with a Huawei device, the setting is found under Settings, then Advanced settings, followed by Battery Manager, and finally Protected apps. Those steps probably seem pretty simple compared to the process ordinarily required to first capture, then adjust, and finally share a screenshot. That's only made even truer since those actions must be gone through repeatedly while configuring Screenshot Assistant should only need to be done once.

So, if you find yourself capturing screenshots and then having to open the image in a second application to crop it or do basic editing, Screenshot Assistant might just be the perfect tool for you. The added bonus is that you won't then also be forced to take all the extra steps before finally being able to share your image to your preferred sharing platform or through your favorite messaging app. As mentioned above, the app is free to use and works pretty well once configured. You can check that out for yourself through the Play Store link below.


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