Samsung SM-G9298 Passes Through FCC


A somewhat mysterious new device from Samsung, dubbed the SM-G9298, has made its way through the FCC. The FCC documentation does not include any imagery, and the phone sports an e-sticker, negating the need to include an image showing where on the phone the sticker could be. The rumor mill has thus far pegged the phone as a dual-screened flip phone, but there do not seem to be any official images or specs on the device thus far aside from the FCC's documentation, and the results of its recent pass through the Wi-Fi Alliance's certification program.

Articles dating from back in 2015 from various countries peg the phone as a dual-screened flip phone, with a screen on the outside, and one on the inside, where a traditional flip phone's screen would be. The specs are a bit mysterious, but some sources are saying that the device in question sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and 2GB of RAM. Given that the device is apparently from 2015, these specs may make sense, but if the phone is being released again or sent to other territories, it may end up getting an update. The device seems to be a sequel to a similar beast from 2014, the SM-G9098. That one had a similar form factor, along with dual SIM card slots, a Snapdragon 800-series processor, and 2GB of RAM.

If this new device is indeed another flip phone, it would be the newest in a fairly long lineage. Samsung was not the very first to put out an Android flip phone, but they managed to popularize the trend in some areas with their Galaxy Golden lineup. Samsung puts out Android flip phones all over the range, from the most basic to high-end offerings that match their flagships. This model making its way through the FCC is an indication that it may well head to America, making it one of very few such devices to receive an official US release. One of the most prominent such devices is a low-end model from ZTE, which means that Samsung putting a fairly high end Android flip phone into the US market would scratch a niche itch indeed.

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