Samsung Releases SoundAssistant Utility To The Play Store


As of May 24, Samsung has released its dedicated sound utility application to the Google Play Store. Before everybody gets excited for the added features that would otherwise bring, the app – which the company suitably dubbed the "SoundAssistant" – is not compatible with every device. In fact, it appears to be limited to exclusively work Samsung's Galaxy series of devices. Presumably, its placement in the Play Store is intended to help users keep their Samsung apps up to date without relying on Samsung's proprietary app store. However, for Android lovers who happen to have a Galaxy branded device, SoundAssistant does bring some additional functionality and convenience.

For starters, SoundAssistant allows users to control the media volume when pressing volume keys rather than just the ringtone volume. That's pretty standard fare for many smartphones, but the app takes things a bit further. It also brings control for the volume of individual apps. The application's description provides the example of being able to separately control the volume of music and games. Additionally, SoundAssistant allows users to control left and right balance for mono audio – adding some depth to what is otherwise pretty flat sound quality. On the topic of sound quality, the utility app also brings a floating or overlayed equalizer to the volume controls and that includes 150 steps of fine-tuning capability. Moreover, personalized sound settings can be created and swapped out to suit the needs of whatever circumstance a user finds themselves in. For users who manage to get their hands on Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, there is also one more feature included with the application that is really unique and quite possibly owes its existence to the device's built-in smart assistant. On the Samsung Galaxy S8, users will be able to specifically choose which output volume is playing on for each individual application. Presumably, this would allow for a wide variety of combinations that could come in really handy. For example, if the user is playing music over a car's speakers through Bluetooth or the 3.5 mm headphone jack, that audio can be separated to that particular output, without notifications or a mobile game interrupting the song for everybody else riding in the same car.

Overall, SoundAssistant looks like another solid offering from Samsung for its devices' users. The app is available via the Play Store right now. If you happen to own a compatible device and want to check it out, you can hit the Play Store link below.


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