Samsung & Google Rank High In Forbes' Most Valuable Brands


Forbes has officially released its yearly list ranking the world's most valuable brands and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Google and  Samsung have ranked pretty well. The ranking, which was published on May 24th, is the result of evaluation for over 200 brands that operate on a global scale over a three-year period. To reach its conclusion, Forbes' looked at 3-years worth of earning performance, the overall performance of each brand, its associated assets, the direction each company appears to be headed, and the overall impact each brand has in its specific market. Google ranked number two with an estimated brand value of $101.8 billion, while Samsung came up a spot to number ten at $38.2 billion.

It could probably have been guessed that Google would do well. After all, finances associated with the search giant have been in the news recently and previous rankings seem to show an upward, or at least stable, trend. Its placement in second is also proceeded by taking the same spot in 2016 in addition to taking the third spot in 2015. In those years, the brand was valued at $82.5 and $65.6 billion, respectively. Meanwhile, Samsung's rankings have been less stable and obtaining a spot on the list despite setbacks, difficulties, and associated damage control over the past year or so is quite an accomplishment. It managed to move up from its eleventh place holding last year, with a valuation at the time of $36.1 billion. That said, it has done better in the past. In 2015, Samsung ranked at number seven on Forbes' list and was valued at $37.0 billion.

Others on the top ten list include Apple, Coco-Cola, Amazon, Facebook, Disney, McDonald's, Microsoft, and Toyota. Google fell just short of Apple, with the competitor valued at $170 billion. Meanwhile, Samsung just missed McDonald's brand value – which the world-famous fast food joint hitting the list with $40.3 billion. Others on that list were ranked in between the two ends of the spectrum. Toyota beat out McDonald's at $41.1 billion, while Disney hit the list at $43.9 billion. Amazon and Coke held scores of $54.1 and $56.4 billion respectively. Facebook is said to be worth $73.5 billion. Finally, Microsoft came in third place at $87 billion. Both Samsung and Google appear to be doing very well, according to the figures included in the ranking. For Samsung to remain as brand-competitive as it has, in spite of its several highly publicized missteps is an accomplishment in and of itself. Google, on the other hand, has maintained steady brand growth over the past two years at 15% value growth or better and shows no signs of slowing down.

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