Rumor: Meizu's Snapdragon-Powered Flagship Coming In 2018

AH Meizu Logo MX4 Pro 7

A new rumor just surfaced, and it claims that Meizu plans to introduce a bezel-less flagship next year, and that it will be fueled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. The source claims that this phone will be just as good looking as the latest offerings from Samsung (Galaxy S8 flagships) and LG (LG G6), and that it will be more affordable than those phones, of course. The device will, allegedly, be priced at around 4,000 Yuan, which translates to around $580.

Now, in addition to all this, the source mentioned that Meizu needs time to adapt the internals of their smartphones to Qualcomm’s processors, which is why it will take them a bit more time to release such ‘bezel-less’, high-end smartphone. Having that in mind, various rumors suggested that the Meizu PRO 7 will be almost bezel-less, but it seems like that won’t happen. The Meizu PRO 7 is expected to land in the near future, unless Meizu opts not to introduce it at all until Q4 this year, and that will happen if the company decided to switch to a one-flagship-a-year model, instead of introducing two flagships every year. Having said that, Meizu’s former VP, Li Nan, recently said that the company won’t release a bezel-less smartphone this year, which goes hand-in-hand with this new report we’re talking about. Now, some of you might wonder why is Li Nan no longer Meizu’s VP, well, the company actually split into three separate entities, divisions if you will, and Li Nan has become the President of the ‘Blue Charm’ division.

The Meizu PRO 7 was expected to launch last month, but as already mentioned, it’s possible that the company will postpone its launch until Q4 this year. The company will almost certainly launch at least one high-end smartphone before the end of 2018, and even though it won’t be bezel-less, we’re expecting to see the company step away from their current design language, as their devices started to look quite similar one to the other, which the company’s CEO also noticed a while back. That’s pretty much it for now, all we can do at this point is wait for more info, whether through new rumors / leaks, or directly from Meizu, but the company is expected to launch something different, and interesting in the near future, in terms of smartphones, of course.


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