Rumor: Meizu To Split Into Two Companies In The Near Future

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According to a new leak that is coming from China, Meizu could split into two companies in the near future. According to the provided info, a new company could be formed under the ‘Blue Charm’ brand. So, Meizu would keep its name, and the other company would be called ‘Blue Charm’, and that will make sense as soon as we explain what’s going on here, as we’ve already seen a number of companies do something similar, read on.

Meizu had been releasing smartphones for a long time now, devices like the Meizu PRO 6, Meizu PRO 6 Plus, Meizu MX6, Meizu M5, Meizu M5 Note, and so on. Well, the company’s M line smartphones are actually released under the ‘Blue Charm’ (also known as ‘Meilan) brand in China, those are the same devices but they’re called differently in international markets. The Meizu M handsets are the company’s low-end and mid-range offerings, direct competitors to Xiaomi’s Redmi devices, and most of the Honor-branded smartphones. As many of you know by now, Honor is a separate company, but it is owned by Huawei, and many people still make a mistake of naming Honor’s devices ‘Huawei Honor’ phones, which is wrong, of course. That confusion is completely understandable, however, considering that the Honor-branded devices ship with Huawei’s software, and that the company is owned by Huawei, so… yeah, it’s easy to make that mistake, well, to regular consumers, at the very least.

Having said that, Meizu could make a new company under the ‘Blue Charm’ name, and if the provided info is to be believed, Meizu’s current Vice President (VP), Li Nan, would run the company. Huawei’s former CMO, Zhe Yang, would take over Li Nan’s position over at Meizu, and would become the company’s VP. Do keep in mind that this info has not been confirmed by the company, or anything of the sort, this is yet another wild rumor that surfaced in China, and even though it might seem a bit unlikely that something like that would happen, who knows, as already mentioned, we’ve already seen similar cases, so it wouldn’t exactly be all that surprising. We’ll just have to wait and see what will happen in the coming months, stay tuned.


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