Report: Snapdragon 845 Built On 7nm Process In Trial Production

Qualcomm Snapdragon Logo 2016 AH 7

While the Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm remains the go-to and hard to get SoC of now, reports are now looking to confirm that the next in line SoC from Qualcomm is already in development. According to those details, this is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and will be built on a 7nm process.

The report goes on to confirm that TSMC began development of the 7nm process back in April and is now in a trial production stage. With the information looking to confirm that the Snapdragon 845’s development is already well on the way with an expected arrival of time of early 2018. With the suggestion being that the Snapdragon 845 will debut on Samsung’s Galaxy S9, much like the Snapdragon 835 did this year with the Galaxy S8. Of course, it will not be only Qualcomm who make use of the 7nm process for its chip, as the report also looks to confirm that Huawei, NVIDIA, and MediaTek, among others, plan to make use of a 7nm process on their respective SoCs. The report goes on to note that the 7nm process will result in significantly faster chips, with the performance improvement expected to be in the region of 25 to 35-percent, compared to the current 10nm process found in the likes of the Snapdragon 835. In addition, it is understood that the chips will be able to house this performance improvement in a smaller frame, which should result in a knock-on effect for the size of smartphones that use SoCs built on the process.

This follows on from a previous report which came through in the closing days of April, confirming many of the same points. Like for instance, that the Snapdragon 845 SoC is already in development and that it is aiming for a Galaxy S9 launch. So while those particular aspects are not too surprising to hear here, the latest information does look to reconfirm those points as well as confirm that the process in use will be a 7nm process – which had yet to be confirmed. In either case, the consensus coming through now from multiple reports on this, is that not only is the next-generation processor coming, but also, it is increasingly likely that it will be marketed as the Snapdragon 845.