Report: Amazon Echo With Display Could Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Amazon Echo Touch 1

Over the past week details have started to come through about the launch of a new Amazon Echo device from Amazon. Today, a new report out of the Wall Street Journal looks to reconfirm some of the already-rumored points as well as expand on those details. For instance, the latest report suggests the new Amazon Echo could launch as early as tomorrow, with the information coming from people who are said to be “familiar with the matter.”

The main rumored point to note about this Amazon Echo device is that it will be the first to come with a touchscreen. A point which is reiterated in this latest report, further confirming that the screen will be a 7-inch display. Which in addition to being able to relay information in response to questions asked, the display will also allow users to connect to other people via video calling. In other words, an Amazon Echo with Skype-like features. In addition, the report picks up that the new Amazon Echo will likely share a number of features and capabilities with the recently-introduced Echo Look. With the primary example of the common functionality being the ability to take photos and videos of outfits for feedback and comparisons.

As well as the report suggesting that the new Amazon Echo could launch as early as tomorrow, the report also suggests the price will be in excess of $200. No clear indications were provided on how much above the $200 marker it will be priced, with the suggestion being that it will be over but not by much. In either case, it is expected to be the most expensive of the Amazon Echo line to come to market so far. Although that is probably as to be expected due to the added display and new features. It is also worth noting that while the device might be launch tomorrow, if the current details are correct, units will not actually start shipping out to buyers until next month. Based on the reports that had already come through, it does seem as though the new Amazon Echo will be available in both a black and white color. This is thanks to images that were leaked by @evleaks (like the one shown above) showcasing both color options, as well as the display, and the device, in general.