RemoBell Review: A Better Way To Answer The Door


RemoBell was easy to set up and even easier to use.

Smart home products come in many shapes and sizes, but one type of product for the smart home owner that many people may not think about is a wireless video doorbell. In this case, the wireless video doorbell called the RemoBell is a particular product in this category that we're referring to. If you've never heard of RemoBell before, you're not alone, as we hadn't heard of it either before receiving this unit to review, but like many other smart home devices it can be hard to keep track of what's out there as the smart home isn't something that a majority of consumers are concerned with. Perhaps they should be though, as the RemoBell was super easy to set up and even easier to use, and it's actually a great little device. We've spent the last week or so with the RemoBell to see how it performs and what it's capable of providing, so let's take a closer look at it and see how useful it can be, as well as what it offers.



While the specifications of the RemoBell aren't going to be as diverse as what you'd find on a mobile device, the RemoBell still has tech specs to go over. It weighs just under a pound so it won't be too heavy, and while you might think this wouldn't matter because you can hook it up by screwing it into the outside of your home either in your front door or next to it, I personally set it up by using a set of Command Strips, and this is where the weight of the RemoBell is of a great deal of importance because it's securely fastened on the outside of my home next to the door and the Command Strips easily supportted the weight of the device. This made it so I didn't have to screw anything in and it was way easier to set up. Aside from the weight, the RemoBell is equipped with a 720p HD video camera sensor to capture all of the video which it feeds to your connected device through the companion app, it has bank-level security for data protection, has a 120-degree field of view which means it'll pretty much capture anything that walks in front of it even if you don't have a narrow walk way in front of your home like I do, and it takes six AA batteries, which are included with it.

In The Box

Inside the packaging you have everything you need to set the RemoBell up and get it working. You have the unit itself, the six AA batteries that are rechargeable, the mounting plate which the main unit slides onto and locks into place with, and the mounting screws and brackets if you need them. Of course you could just take the easy way out like I did and just use Command Strips or something similar, which was quicker and it didn't require me to put any holes in my home siding.


 Hardware & Design

The hardware and design of the RemoBell is pretty minimal. All the sensors and buttons for the the device are right on the front and there's nothing on the sides. You'll see the large button in the middle which is the doorbell itself, as well as the camera at the top, and the sensors right above it. There's also a two-way mic on the front, and if you flip the unit over to the back you'll see the compartment for the batteries, which clips and screws into place to keep that plate on.

As for the build of the device, the RemoBell housing is made completely of plastic, so it's not premium feeling, but it should be plenty durable. It's also water resistant so if you happen to live in a wetter climate like myself, the rain isn't going to hurt it, which was a relief because it rains quite a bit here. Aside from the RemoBell unit the bracket is made of plastic as well, and has little tiny clips which the RemoBell hooks into when mounting.



Despite being just a wireless video doorbell the RemoBell actually has a handful of features that make it really useful. For starters, as mentioned above the RemoBell is water resistant which means it can easily withstand the rain and other weather conditions. Thanks to the camera it has HD video so you can see who is at your door when they arrive, and it's also equipped with two-way audio so you can speak to the person at your door letting you see and talk to the person before opening it. To do this of course you'll need the RemoBell app installed, but we'll cover the app in a bit. Because the RemoBell is Wi-Fi connected all of the data gets sent to your phone whether you're on the same connection or not, and regardless of whether you're connected to Wi-Fi or your cellular network data. While it will start recording video if the button is pressed which also allows you to communicate with the person at the door, it also has a pretty good motion sensor built in so it'll detect when there's movement. This is great for security and the RemoBell features push notifications for alerting the user to any movement though the companion app, so if someone's at your door you'll know. You can also set the frequency settings for when those notifications come through if you want to customize it, or you can leave it on the default frequency setting.

All recordings are automatic and they're stored in the cloud so any time that something is detected and the recording begins, you'll be able to access it later on through the RemoBell app, even if you're not connected to the internet at the time of the recording. If you're worried about the RemoBell being able to see whatever it can record at night, you shouldn't be, as it's also equipped with night vision so even when it's dark you can see what it sees without issue. The recording isn't always crystal clear as it seems to become fuzzy every now and again, but this is more likely due to the wireless connection than anything. The nice thing is that it works day or night. It also offers up low battery alerts so you know when to pull it off the bracket and recharge the batteries, and since it'll be connected to the app the alert will come straight to your phone just like the recordings. Lastly, the RemoBell supports multiple users per account and login information, so if you have more than one person living in the home they can access the videos and other stuff too, with a max support of up to five users.


RemoBell App

The RemoBell app is part of the whole experience and it's one half of the capabilities. While the RemoBell itself certainly does the bulk of the work, it's useless without anything to connect it to, because without the app you have no way to see who is at the door, and you have no way to communicate with that person using the two-way audio. When you open up the app the first thing you'll see every time is the recent activity, which shows a running list of every video recording that gets captured by the HD camera.

A quick tap of the hamburger menu opens up the a list of options and settings, like connected devices if you have the app connected to more than one RemoBell. You can also see the options for viewers, which lets you see all the connected users that are hooked into the RemoBell, as well as your account information, your cloud details (which you'll need a subscription for beyond the 30-day trial that you're given upon setup and activation), and there are links to the about and support options if you need to know more about RemoBell or get help with an issue. If you click on the devices link, you'll be taken to the devices which are connected to the app, and if you tap on any of those devices this is where you'll find details like the battery level that's left on the device before the batteries need to be recharged, and this is also where you can set your notifications frequencies so you can decide how often you want the alerts to come through. In addition, you also set the video quality from here and there options for best video quality, average, or low, but keep in mind that setting it to the best quality is going to use up more battery, especially if you go in and out of the house often as the sensors will pick up any time you walk in front of it. This happened to me multiple times every day it's been set up over the past week. Luckily, this device page also has the settings for the motion sensors so you can tune things down a bit here too if you feel the need. On this page there are a few other options at your fingertips, which includes toggles for the motion sensor, so you can turn this off entirely if you only want the recordings to be picked up when the bell is actually rang, and there are toggles for saving videos to the cloud and for the motion push notifications.


Wrap Up

The RemoBell is pretty comparable to other devices like the Ring video doorbell, and for the most part is about the same size and serves the same purpose. It's meant to provide its users a way to have an extra layer of security through the video camera portion of the device, while also providing convenience thanks to the video capabilities so you can see who is at your door, as well as a means for communication if you want to talk to that person, all wrapped up into a doorbell so you still have that basic functionality of a simple thing that every home generally has.

Should you buy the RemoBell?


Whether or not you already have other smart home devices connected to your wireless network and set up, if you have a desire to add an extra layer to your home security and you want the ability to see when someone comes to your door, then you should definitely consider buying the RemoBell as it works pretty well, and since it supports up to five users, everyone in the home can be connected to it so long as the number of users doesn't exceed five. When it comes down to it, the RemoBell is easy to set up, easy to use, and it provides a useful set of functions.

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