Polar Debuts New A370 With 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor

Finland-based wearable sports and fitness technology company Polar has announced its latest offering in the form of the Polar A370. This new fitness tracker is powered with Polar 24/7 continuous heart rate monitor along with Polar Sleep Plus analytics.

Polar A370 fitness tracker is waterproof and comes with a glass lens color touch display that displays notifications vibrantly. The continuous wrist-based heart rate monitors heart rate both during physical activity and while the user is resting. The unique feature in Polar A370 is that it measures heart rate at a minimum of five-minute intervals. Moreover, the fitness tracker also senses higher levels of activities like running or walking. The 3D accelerometer in Polar A370 will measure heart rate at a higher resolution when the user is performing any physical activity. The Power Flow App that syncs the data collected from the Polar A370 allows the user to examine their heart rate at rest and in motion. Tom Fowler, President of Polar U.S.A. said that the heart rate monitors available in the market are limited to workout sessions and miss the other hours spent doing light activities or resting. “Polar-developed continuous heart rate to fill that critical gap. Now, we’re enabling users to take charge of their fitness with a 24/7 perspective on their heart rate profile, activity levels and even rest and recovery. This is a game-changer for athletes of all levels from beginner to pro,” Fowler said.

Polar A370 is also equipped with Polar Sleep Plus, a sleep tracker with an algorithm that uses a 3D accelerometer to automatically detect the quality, timing, and amount of sleep based on user’s wrist movements and position. The Polar Sleep Plus uses polysomnography, a standard to track sleep in medicine and science, as a reference measurement. Polar Sleep Plus is capable of tracking various metrics like actual sleep time, duration, when the user fell asleep and wake, and interruptions. Polar Flow uses the sleep pattern data to give feedback to users on different ways to get better sleep. Polar A370 is compatible with other mobile apps and Bluetooth devices and can be used as standalone heart rate sensor. Polar A370 is available for pre-order at $179/€199 and shipping begins early June. A user can also order interchangeable bands available in various colors such as black, ruby, white, petrol, deep blue, orange and red and these are priced at $24.95/€24,90 each.

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