Pioneer Unveils Three New Android Auto-Ready In-Dash Units

Pioneer AVH 3300NEX 350dpi5in

Pioneer has unveiled three new Android Auto-ready in-dash multimedia receiver units that they will be offering to customers at some point later on this year. In total Pioneer has five new receivers that will launch later in 2017 but only three of them will be compatible with Android Auto. The ones that will support Google’s in-car computing platform are the AVH-3300NEX, the AVH-2330NEX, and the AVH-2300NEX units, all of which can support Bluetooth audio connectivity in addition to allowing a connection between themselves and the Android Auto smartphone applications, giving them some versatility in terms of how users will be able to connect their devices.

Pioneer says that all of the new in-dash multimedia receiver models will support other services such as Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, and HD Radio, and they’ll feature USB connectivity as well so users will be able to plug in their devices using a USB cable to access music controls, as well as allow for the receivers to access the device’s local storage for music playback as an alternative to streaming music from any of the compatible services.

Like previous units that Pioneer has produced and launched in the past, all of the new models will feature LCD touch panels for interacting with and viewing any of the media or applications that are being displayed, which may come in handy for anyone that uses Waze as Pioneer also notes that Waze access will be included with all of the receivers as well. As for actual availability, Pioneer will be launching all of the new models this Summer so the wait won’t be too long before consumers will be able to get their hands on them. The company says they’ll be available in July but they don’t mention a specific date in that month, though they do mention the costs so interested consumers will at least be able to plan out which one they want based on their budget or how much they’re willing to spend. Of the three Android Auto-supported models, the AVH-3300NEX will be the most expensive coming with a cost of $600, while both the AVH-2330NEX and the AVH-2300NEX will come with a cost of $500.