OUKITEL K6000 Plus Review: Feature-Packed On A Budget


It might be one of the nicest phones from OUKITEL.

OUKITEL may not be a device brand that is too well-known in the US, but we've been able to review a number of their smartphones here so they certainly are starting to feel like a more common OEM. The fact is that OUKITEL is actually quite a common OEM in China, and many of their devices offer decent specs at a more affordable price than the bigger brands. The K6000 Plus is one of their latest and it's definitely a feature-packed phone on a budget. It comes with Android 7.0 Nougat, it has plenty of storage and RAM, and you get a few extras in the box which makes it an all-around decent value. Let's take a closer look at how the OUKITEL K6000 Plus stacks up.



The OUKITEL K6000 Plus seems like a bit of a departure from other OUKITEL devices which we've reviewed recently as it surprisingly has considerably better specs. It's equipped with 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display, and it's powered by a MediaTek 6750T octa-core processor which is paired with a Mali-T860 MP2 graphics processor, as well as 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage space. That's plenty of RAM and space for apps, games, and media, and the processor doesn't hurt when it comes to multitasking and playing games either. It's also running on Android 7.0 Nouat so the software is pretty up to date, and that also means that the phone will support things like the improved Doze Mode and the Multi-Window feature.

As for the battery, the OUKITEL K6000 Plus is named so because of the size of the battery, though the capacity isn't exactly 6,000mAh, as it's actually just over that with a capacity of 6,080mAh. It also supports expandable storage with a microSD card so if you need more than 64GB of space you can easily slip a card in and get more room. For the cameras, the phone is equipped with a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, which means in theory it should take some pretty good main images as well as decent selfies. Of course, we'll get into that with the camera section towards the end of the review. The K6000 Plus also supports GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and Bluetooth 4.0. It also has a fingerprint sensor on the front for unlocking the device, though because the K6000 Plus does not have NFC, the fingerprint sensor cannot be used for mobile payments as the phone itself does not support them. That said, the specs are fairly decent overall and make for a good value.

In The Box


Like many of OUKITEL's smartphones you get more than just the phone and the charger in the box. While the phone itself is positioned on top once you open the box up, you'll immediately find a clear silicone case on it, as well as a screen protector that's already been applied. There's also an additional screen protector in the box so you can replace the one that's on the phone when the time comes. Underneath the phone you'll find two separate compartments, one of which houses the charger and charging USB cable, and another which houses a USB A to micro USB cable if you need it. You'll also find the quick start guide and the SIM ejector tool, and then that's pretty much it. Still though that's more than you get with most smartphones these days.

Hardware & Design

OUKITEL has quite a few smartphone models available and many of them look fairly similar. The K6000 Plus though is definitely a bit different and it's one of the nicer looking devices they've made. Not only recently but when compared to most of the devices from the past year or two. It has a nice build quality and feel to it, though it is a bit heavy. The body is made of metal and it has a large battery so that certainly has a part to play in the size and weight, overall though the hefty feel isn't all that bad. When it comes to the design, on the left side of the device you have the SIM card tray and that's it. On the right side you have the volume up and volume down buttons as well as the power button.


On the top you have the 3.5mm audio port, and on the bottom you have the micro USB charging port and the speaker for audio. On the front of course there's a fingerprint sensor which also doubles as a home button, and up top there's the front-facing camera and ambient light sensors on either side of the earpiece. Flipping things over the back you'll find the rear-facing camera and LED flash up towards the top and in the middle. While the OUKITEL K6000 Plus may not be the thinnest phone out there on the market, it does still have a nice design which you don't always find with some of these less expensive smartphones. Whether or not you're a fan of the gold color for the sides and back and the white front, the frame does have these slick chamfered edges which are a nice touch, and all of the buttons seem to have a nice tactile feel with good response.


With a Full HD display you really can't go wrong too much, and although some consumers may prefer a smartphone display that's actually higher resolution, Full HD is perfectly capable of showing all the detail you would need on a screen this small. That said, having a higher resolution display is never a bad thing either. With the OUKITEL K6000 Plus, clarity really doesn't look much different from some of OUKITEL's other handsets that also feature a Full HD display, which is neither good nor bad, it's simply just a middle of the road kind of thing.


The screen is plenty bright and easy to see in direct light outside, and colors are reproduced pretty well
Responsiveness was good throughout our entire experience with the phone and never seemed to have any trouble which is great to see as often times some of the less expensive devices can come with cheap digitizers. That isn't the case here with the K6000 Plus at least for our initial time of use, but it's safe to say that it should hold up well over time. The colors on the screen, while decent, and this includes the black levels, it did look a bit on the cooler side and there's no way to adjust the color temperature of the screen, which may not bother some users but for those that like the option to tint the screen just a bit to their preferred color temperature it won't be an option with this device. Again, this isn't something that's necessarily bad, it just leaves less options for users when it comes to customizing every aspect of of how the phone looks and feels.


When it comes to performance the K6000 Plus handled itself pretty well, and it certainly should as it's powered by an octa-core processor from MediaTek with 4GB of RAM to back it up. Throughout our time with it over this past week it never really felt sluggish or like it was overextending itself trying to handle the tasks and functions I was throwing at it. However, there were a few times where it did lag a bit when doing simple things like opening up apps and unlocking the device. For the most part though it did well performing as a smartphone should with the things that most people use their smartphones for, like web browsing, chatting, watching videos, and even the occasional email.


When it came to the games part of the device, performance was a tad bit lacking if you're someone who is looking for something extremely high-powered, but you have to remember that the phone is using a MediaTek processor and although MediaTek's processors have been getting quite a bit better, most of them still don't perform quite as well as those from Samsung or Qualcomm, or other top brands. Still, even with the slight hiccups during game performance it ran games pretty well including the new Iron Blade game from Gameloft, which is a fairly graphics intensive game that requires a lot of mobile computing power to look and perform optimally. Another thing I did notice though is that the phone did tend to get a little warmer than I expected it to after a little bit longer of a gaming session, and while this may not have necessarily affected performance too much, it did make the phone slightly less comfortable to hold and I had to put the phone down for just a bit afterwards to allow it time to cool down.

Fingerprint Sensor

So far everything with the OUKITEL K6000 Plus has been pretty decent especially for a phone that doesn't cost too much, but there is almost always a compromise somewhere to account for the drop in cost, and the fingerprint sensor is definitely that area for the K6000 Plus. Using it to unlock the device is hit or miss depending on how you angle your fingerprint. I personally used my right thumb, and although I lifted and pressed my thumb from just about every angle possible until the print was complete and added in, no matter how many times I tried it would have trouble recognizing my thumb for an unlock every time I tried to hit it with the left side of my thumb, even though it had no issues recognizing it during the setup process. While the fingerprint sensor would still work with the same thumb if I simply hit it from a more centered angle, the fact that it wouldn't work anytime I hit it from the left side was a little bit annoying and could become more of a problem the longer the device was used as I don't always go to hit the fingerprint sensor in the exact same spot every time. The good news is that when it does recognize my thumb it usually unlocks pretty quickly so there's the upshot. It might have trouble recognizing some parts of your finger, but when it works it works fast, and that's an important thing to keep in mind.



There might only be one speaker on this phone but all things considered it sounded better than I thought it would. It still runs into the same issue as I have on my Google Pixel which is that I usually end up covering the speaker with my hand when holding it in landscape mode if I'm not careful with my hand placement, but when it's not covered up the device sounds ok. The volume was certainly loud enough without turning it up excessively and the audio was pretty clear, though this can drop off a little bit if you turn the volume up to almost full blast. Once you get to its max setting or near the max setting, it begins to muffle a tad and you can start to hear a less crystal clear audio.

For these particular times you're better off plugging in a headset or connecting up a Bluetooth pair, or simply connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker, as you'll get much better sound quality if you want to turn the volume up for whatever media you're enjoying, whether it's movies, music, TV, or games.


Phone Calls & Network

The OUKITEL K6000 Plus is an unlocked device and it takes two SIM cards, but because of the frequency support the device won't work on LTE in the U.S. since the supported LTE bands are different from the ones that are supported by US networks. That being said it should work for 2G and 3G networks, though not with Sprint or Verizon as those are CDMA and not GSM. The supported list of networks are detailed below.

2G: 850/900/1800/1900
3G: 850/900/1900/2100
4G LTE: 800/900/1800+/2100/2600


Though the OUKITEL K6000 Plus may not be the most powerful phone out there in terms of hardware, it still has the ability to do the things that most other smartphones will do, even if not on the same level or with the same quality. Every time we review a new phone we put it through some benchmark tests to see just how well it does when it comes to these scores and even though you'll get a better idea of how well the device performs in a real world situation if actually used, these can still serve a good reference for what to expect. We put the K6000 Plus through AnTuTu, Geekbench 4, and 3DMark for the graphics processing. If you're interested, you can see the benchmark scores down below.

Battery Life

If there's one area where the OUKITEL K6000 Plus excels quite a bit it's with the battery life. With a name like K6000 Plus you'd think the phone would have a pretty big battery, and you'd be right. It has a battery with a 6,080mAh battery capacity and it really does have a tendency to last all day and then some. During our time of use with the K6000 Plus we had no issues keeping it on all day and really didn't have to charge it for about two days. While the battery life will certainly vary user to user, it was common for me to see the K6000 Plus go about two days before needing to plug it back in. This isn't necessarily what to expect when talking about the screen-on time as that will be vastly shorter, but still pretty high in comparison to many smartphones out there as it had no trouble lasting about nine and a half hours of screen-on time during the day. Keeping in mind that screen-on time is reflective of using the phone for a certain period of time with the screen on, and the K6000 Plus did pretty well here, meaning if you were to use it continuously until it died, it lasted quite a while. We compared our screen-on time with the screen-on time emulated by a battery benchmark and the times were pretty close, with the battery benchmark reaching 8 hours and 59 minutes. In the end, battery life isn't something users would be worrying about with this phone.


With tons of the Chinese smartphones we've reviewed over the years, many of them tend to have this cookie cutter software experience with a very similar-looking UI, and while the K6000 Plus does have a UI that looks pretty similar to many of the other Chinese smartphones we've taken a look at, it does have some different features that set it apart a little bit. For example, it has this floating UI feature which allows you to access a few shortcuts simply by tapping the floating button that sits at the edge of the display. You can move the "Float Gesture" button to any part of the screen you wish along either the right or left edge, and when tapped you can access your music, your videos, a game mode, the gesture recognition, a read mode, you can lock the screen, and access a task cleaner. Of course you can also disable this in the settings if you'd rather just not have it at all.

Many of the other parts of the UI are the same, as are most of the features, but there are still a handful of different gestures that you can use. Such as the one-hand float view, which brings up another list of easy-access shortcuts that you can bring up by swiping your finger in an arc motion from the bottom right corner moving up and to the left. There are also plenty of unlock gestures that you can initiate by drawing a letter on the display from the lock screen, and you can configure each letter to launch an app or shortcut of your choosing.There is also a one-handed mode that you can enable from the settings as well if you typically use your device in one hand, and this might be a nice thing to keep in mind as the K6000 Plus can feel like a big phone. Other than the gestures, there wasn't much else that you would find different or stand-out about the UI. The icons look the same as any other OUKITEL phone and they even match some other phones that aren't from OUKITEL. The settings menu looks like stock Marshmallow, and the notifications shade is pretty standard too. Overall the UI isn't bad and it's nice to see that this phone supports the app drawer natively, as many Chinese brand smartphones do not, and there are at least some gesture features to help make the device a little more functional.


The camera really isn't all that bad when you consider what the cost is that you're working with and once you get past that it's less of a shock that you aren't working with the absolute best camera on the market when it comes to smartphones. The phone did seem to do ok in lower-light situations in the home though, and that was a bit refreshing. Pictures would be a little more noisy in these darker lit areas though so that's something to keep in mind.

The good news here is that unlike so many other smartphones in this price range, the K6000 Plus actually has a Pro Mode to allow for adjusting some of the picture settings you wouldn't normally have at your disposal, so you can tweak things like the ISO, the white balance, and the exposure. That being said, this isn't really a true pro mode as those are the only options you can adjust in terms of image features, and if you look at a pro mode on phones like the Huawei P10, there are a lot more options, and most phones have the ability to adjust the ISO, white balance, and exposure from the camera UI settings. The nice thing about the Pro Mode on this phone is that it makes those things readily available from the camera app's main screen with slider bars to tweak things. Under the standard photo mode you have the ability to swap through different filters for the images like negative, posterize, aqua and others, and this is a pretty common trait in many of these devices. In the normal photo mode you can also enable panorama shots, so if you like taking these kinds of pictures you'll have the option. For the most part, the camera experience is a pretty straightforward one, with not a lot of options or special camera features, but the picture quality was OK and there wasn't a whole lot to complain about with it, which was kind of surprising.

The Good

Great battery life

Picture quality was actually ok

Comes with two screen protectors, and a clear case

Gesture features

Big screen

Fast fingerprint sensor

Decent performance

The Bad

Sound quality wasn't the greatest

Fingerprint sensor had some issues with recognizing my fingerprint when ever I used the left side of my thumb, even though it recognized it during the setup process.

Not a lot of camera features


No USB Type-C

Wrap Up

Overall the OUKITEL K6000 Plus was not too bad of a device, and it might be one of the nicest ones from OUKITEL. It's not necessarily the most attractive smartphone out there but it performed well and most areas and it has a long-lasting battery life which is definitely one of the more important factors for a smartphone, at least for most people.

Should you buy the OUKITEL K6000 Plus?

That all depends on whether or not you want the best of the best specs. Obviously, if you're looking for something extremely high-powered, the K6000 Plus won't cut it. Otherwise, it's not really a bad option if you just want a less expensive device, or if you want a backup for when you're traveling.

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