OUKITEL K10000 Pro: Buy For Half-Price, Guess To Win Free Gifts

The OUKITEL K10000 Pro is one of the newest smartphones from the OUKITEL stable and places nearly all of its focus on its battery life. This is due to the abnormally large battery that is included with this smartphone. For reference, the K10000 Pro comes loaded with a 10,000 mAh battery, which is easily three times the capacity of batteries found included on most of the current major flagship smartphones.

However, capacity is only one metric that matters with a battery. For instance, how long does a 10,000 mAh capacity take to charge fully? Likewise, this is a smartphone that is able to ‘reverse charge’ by sending out a charge signal to other connected devices, thereby acting as a power bank of sorts. So, how many devices can it provide a charge to? Well, neither of these aspects have been confirmed by OUKITEL and it seems for a good reason. As the company has now announced that it is offering the public the chance to 'guess the answer' to these questions and in doing so, have the chance to win some ‘free gifts.’

The contest runs from May 22 through until May 29, after which OUKITEL will announce the correct answers in a new video, and this will be followed a week later by the confirmation of the winners. For background, the K10000 Pro comes with the same 12V/2A charger found with the K6000, although OUKITEL states the current pulled by the K10000 Pro will be greater than that pulled by the K6000. In terms of guessing the right number, OUKITEL has confirmed that the conditions of the right answer are dependent on the smartphone being connected to Wi-Fi, having one SIM card active, and all apps turned off during charging.

For those less interested in taking part in the challenge, but would consider buying a 10,000 capacity battery smartphone, then OUKITEL has confirmed that the K10000 Pro will come with a retail price of $219.99. Although, in preparation for the launch period, OUKITEL has also confirmed that those who subscribe to the OUKITEL website for the K10000 Pro, will receive a $40 off coupon which can be used against the purchase of the smartphone. This is in addition to a $30 gift bag that will also be provided along with K10000 Pro purchases.

For an even cheaper price, OUKITEL has announced that they will be picking 10 people each day (from the list of subscribers) who will be eligible to pick the K10000 Pro up for half-price, $109.99. To be able to sign up to gain the $40 discount (and $30 goodie bag). as well as the opportunity to be selected to buy the phone for $109.99, those interested must subscribe before May 31. Alternatively, OUKITEL is also offering a similar half-off discount to some of those who take part in a Facebook challenge. More details on all three OUKITEL K10000 Pro pre-launch promotions through the links below.


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