The Original Huawei Watch Now Has Android Wear 2.0

AH Huawei Watch Android Wear 2.0 1

The original Huawei Watch now has Android Wear 2.0 as Huawei has started the process to roll the new software update out to users sometime today it looks like. As with all software update it’s important to remember that even though it has started to hit some Huawei Watch devices it doesn’t mean that all devices will have the update by the end of the day, but users who still have this smartwatch should definitely keep an eye out for the update alert to hit their watch between now and the next few days as more and more users are going to start seeing it.

That being said, this update is only going out to users who are running on the most recent preview of the Android Wear 2.0 software so anyone who is still using the Huawei Watch with standard software isn’t going to see it just yet, though the wide rollout of the update could be fairly close now that a stable version of the software is beginning to roll out to those on preview builds. When exactly that would happen is unclear of course, but there is a good chance that it’s close.

As far as what comes along with the new update, the biggest change will be the on-device Play Store access. What this will do for users is allow them to install apps to the watch directly from the watch, thus helping them forego any reason to pull out their smartphone for the same purpose. Beyond Play Store access, Android Wear 2.0 introduces a whole bunch of other new stuff like the keyboard input for typing messages through compatible apps like Hangouts, Messenger, and more. Now, users won’t be limited to sending messages by voice, as they can actually type out a message using the keyboard on the watch itself. Notifications have also changed, and now users interact with them a little bit differently. Swiping up on a notification now gets rid of it, while swiping to the left or right cycles through notifications, and tapping on a notification now provides users with more information. Some users will take a liking to this notification changes while others will not care for them, but it should a little more intuitive at the very least. If you’re on the most recent preview build and you haven’t gotten the update yet, it should be coming along shortly.