OnePlus Referral Program: Sell OnePlus Phones, Gain Points


OnePlus has a new referral program on the go. Or at least, it seems to be new. However, this is not exactly the most lucrative of affiliate programs and does come with more than its fair share of caveats. The general premise of the program is that you can claim a unique sharable link and can then share that link with other people and when they make a purchase, you can reap some of the reward. As for the caveats. Well, you do need to have signed up to the OnePlus website and have an account ID. While that is not a massively big deal, you also do need to have previously bought a OnePlus smartphone. In fact, you must have bought it from OnePlus directly, as OnePlus owners who have purchased devices from third-parties (reputable or otherwise) are not allowed to take part. Which will likely limit some of those who are part of the OnePlus community, and do own a OnePlus device.

As for the actual benefits. To be able to make anything of this program, each person you share the link with must buy a smartphone. At which point, you will get "100 referral points". Which although have no direct monetary value, can be redeemed on the site for free stuff or discounts. Although it does seem as though you will need to be able to entice quite a few people to make any substantial savings. For instance, 80 referral points will get you free standard shipping on an order, or 150 referral points will net you a free OnePlus T-Shirt. Alternatively, 100 referral points will get you "$10 off accessories and gear" while 200 points will bag you "$20 off accessories and gear." However, if the discounted 'accessories and gear' order totals less than $100, you will need to pay for shipping.

So to sum up this program, you need to have bought a phone to be able to take part. You also need to get other people to buy phones to get anything from taking part. So it is clear that the common denominator here is the 'selling phone' bit. Which at the moment is likely to be a little difficult, as while speculation is rife that the company is preparing to launch its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 5, the current OnePlus phone, the OnePlus 3T, seems to be in the process of being discontinued.

OnePlus Referral Program

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