OnePlus 5's Alleged Camera Samples Show Up

New images have cropped up online which allegedly show how well OnePlus' next flagship -  which has been tentatively dubbed the OnePlus 5 - takes photos. The leaks were first reported by TrueTech on April 29 and the fact that they leaked from an anonymous source means they should probably be taken with a grain of salt. However, metadata from the images shows the originating device bearing a model designation - OnePlus A5000 - that has been associated with OnePlus' as-yet-unannounced smartphone, which may lend credence to the claim.

Unfortunately, no reference images were provided alongside the leaked photos and, because of that, there is really no way to fairly compare the shots to those taken with another camera or smartphone. That leaves aside any examination of the amount of detail or light the sensors in the OnePlus 5 will likely be able to capture as compared to other sensors. There does appear to be a lot of those two things captured in the images themselves, but that could be due to other factors that were deliberately tweaked while the photos were taken. There is also no way of knowing whether the colors captured therein are more or less accurate than with other cameras and for the same reason. However, an analysis performed on the images by the source also seems to confirm at least one prior leak about the OnePlus 5. Earlier reports, based primarily on leaked protective cases and renders, posited that the latest from OnePlus would feature a dual-camera setup for the main shooter. The leaked shots show a level of depth perception that can ordinarily only be accomplished through photo doctoring or with twin cameras and the metadata seems to suggest that they weren't edited. Furthermore, the effect appears to be software-assisted - since the background blurring in one of the photos is slightly off.

While the images are almost certainly from some OnePlus device, and possibly from the company's next flagship, there is no guarantee that they are representative of what the camera - or cameras - on the handset will be capable of. It is also entirely possible, as with all leaks, that the photos are complete fabrications. Moreover, until OnePlus is ready to finally reveal it to the world, changes are also still likely to be made. Most of those changes, if the leaked images are real, will probably occur in the camera's software. In the meantime, you can check out the images below (they've been resized) or hit the source link to find full-resolution versions.

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