OnePlus 3T Won't Be Discontinued In India For Now

OnePlus 3T AH NS 06

While the OnePlus 3T will soon be discontinued on a global scale, the flagship will still be available for purchase in India for the time being, the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer said on Friday. In a statement provided to a local media outlet earlier today, OnePlus asserted that both the 64GB and 128GB variant of the OnePlus 3T will be obtainable in the South Asian country “until later this year,” making India the only market where the company isn’t planning to discontinue the device in the coming weeks.

The ‎Shenzhen, Guangdong-based phone maker on Thursday announced its intentions to stop producing the revised version of the already discontinued OnePlus 3, implying that the decision was made in an effort to prepare for the launch of the upcoming OnePlus 5 that’s said to be a significant upgrade over the firm’s last handset that was launched in late 2016. A company representative took to its official forums to imply that OnePlus is currently in the process of clearing stock and won’t be manufacturing more OnePlus 3T units, though it seems that won’t hold true for India. While no specific time frame has yet been given, the wording of the company’s latest announcement may indicate that the OnePlus 3T will only be discontinued in India in the final quarter of the year.

The OnePlus 5 is scheduled to be officially unveiled at some point next month and will likely be available for purchase shortly after. The phone’s predecessor was announced last November and launched in India a month after, though it remains to be seen if the OnePlus 5 will follow the same release pattern seeing how the Chinese original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seemingly has no plans to discontinue the device in the South Asian country for now. It’s currently unclear whether OnePlus intends to produce more OnePlus 3T units for the Indian market in the coming months or if the company is simply predicting that its Indian supplies will last longer than those in other markets will. Regardless, an update on the availability of the device is expected to follow soon, and the same goes for its highly anticipated successor.