OnePlus 3(T) Open Beta Update Brings New Bug Reporting Tool


The OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T owners can now head down to OnePlus' official forums to get a taste of the latest OxygenOS Open Beta software, version 16 on the OnePlus 3, and version 7 on the OnePlus 3T. This particular update comes with a laundry list of optimizations and fixes, with the only new feature in sight being a dedicated bug reporting app. Users taking the update can expect to see fixes to some bugs concerning native app misbehavior, along with app crashes, and fixes to the phone's dark and light theming options. OnePlus is also including "General bug fixes", along with optimizations to the phone's power consumption.

Among the native apps seeing specific bugs fixed, users will notice that the contacts app no longer duplicates contacts when the software is upgraded, and a bug with the contact search function has been squashed. This release also brings some relief to those who may have landed in hot water when the phone's alarm refused to ring occasionally. As for the new bug reporting app, it's called User Feedback, and features a simple UI that allows a user to choose a general category for their bug report, add some hand-typed detail, then send the report in to OnePlus directly from the app. The introduction of the app doesn't mean that the traditional bug reporting channels have been shut down, of course; users are encouraged to use the normal channels as well, but the app makes it easier to send reports straight from the device.

This update doesn't bring a lot in terms of features, but users looking to have annoying bugs squashed should be keeping an eye out for an over the air update. If it doesn't come via notification, check in the About device section of the Settings app, and try a reboot if it's not there. Those who wish to do it manually should have no issue doing so, and those not on the Open Beta software track will have to flash the update themselves anyway. To do that, you'll need to throw the phone into download mode and hook it up to an ADB-compatible computer via USB. Be warned, once you've moved off of the Stable track, moving back will require a full factory wipe of the device.


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