Olixar Reveals Point-of-You, A Hands-Free Capture Accessory

Olixar has revealed a brand new smartphone accessory called Point-of-You and, as its name implies, the device is intended to make capturing and sharing life from the user's point of view much easier. In the simplest of terms, the accessory is a smartphone mount that a user wears around his or her neck to capture an activity they want to share or life moments - without having to put their focus on framing the scene or any of the other aspects of taking more traditional photos and videos. It is not exactly the first device to try and accomplish that. One big difference is that where other devices were built around self-contained camera systems and hardware, Point-of-You is universal and makes use of the camera you already have on your phone. It will fit, according to Olixar, most smartphones ranging from 58 to 75 mm wide (around 3 inches). That also means that it is relatively inexpensive, at just $16.95 on MobileFun as of this writing.

The smartphone accessory maker cites the rise of various social media sharing forums in general, in terms of what inspired the neck-borne device but specifically points to Twitch Creative as the leading inspiration behind Point-of-You. It is inspired by the fact that many activities people want to capture and share or live-stream require both hands to be free. The accessory makes that much easier.  Moreover, it is also designed to be both stable and comfortable to wear, allowing for more GoPro-like uses - albeit with a somewhat diminished durability rating, depending on the phone used. Because it should drastically simplify the steps required in capturing anything from an artistic creative process to a weekend excursion, Point-of-You seems as though it would be a powerful tool for content creators. That said, the accessory is also listed with secondary function focused squarely on users who are consuming media. Point-of-You can be used as a desk stand for a smartphone.

The cost of Olixar's latest creation very nearly places it in the "no-brainer" category for anybody looking to share their point of view or who wants to enjoy living in the moment just a little bit more, while still being able to share and remember their experiences later. The official product site currently lists availability in the U.S. and in the U.K. Anybody interested in picking up Point-of-You can head over to the source link below.

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