NXP Launching Modules With Android Things Support


NXP Semiconductors has announced that they will be putting out module for IoT that are compatible with Android Things by the end of the year. The modules are targeted at IoT developers, and will allow them to create devices with Google's Android Things IoT subsystem fully integrated, without having to fully develop the support stack from the ground up. While most modules and platforms made for IoT take a "green grass" approach and let developers and device creators figure out what they want to use on the software side of things, this new platform is built specifically to support Android Things and the products and benefits that come with it, such as Google Assistant and multi-device interlocking intelligence. NXP is working hand-in-hand with customers to develop products based on this platform that should be available to consumers before the end of the year.

NXP, who is a development partner with Amazon's Alexa platform, says that they are currently working with six different customers to help get Android Things products based on their solutions out the door by year's end. They did not name who these six partners are. According to NXP exec Leonardo Azevedo, the company is looking to win over the home audience by helping to spread Android Things out into the larger IoT ecosystem. This means that Google will get to see Android Things grow, while NXP gets to leverage the promise of Android Things to build out a brand new ecosystem and attract customers.

Azevedo said that one of the bigger perks of Android Things, when it comes to building a smart home, is cross-device intelligence. Devices can not only figure out which one of them a user may be trying to issue a command to at any given moment, but can also talk to one another to better do their job, or to relay commands throughout a large or cut-off area. NXP has been purchased by Qualcomm, which means that this new platform and the products it makes taking off could mean seeing Qualcomm take a big portion of the smart home ecosystem just as it begins to rise up and become an all-levels, full-service market.

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