New Audio Factory App Highlights Google VR’s Spatial Audio

May 18, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

A new app called Audio Factory highlight’s Google VR’s spatial audio engine and was just released today by Google for the Daydream platform, which at this point is limited to use inside of the Daydream View headset with a compatible smartphone. Eventually though it will also include other headsets as Google announced yesterday that standalone Daydream-based headsets would be coming to market from both HTC’s Vive team and from Lenovo.

Audio Factory is a bit different from some of the other applications on the Daydream platform that have been accessible since launch. It’s not a game but it does have some interactive elements to it, and your aim is to explore the different floors of the factory that you’re transported into when you open up the app, each floor having its own sounds to explore to make for a unique experience each time. Each factory floor also has its own design and immerses the user in a world of different surroundings and colors that are meant to be appropriate for the sounds that are being heard.

For the most part the app feels like a proof of concept and a way to showcase the Google VR Spatial Audio Engine, and perhaps even provide a way for developers to better understand how to implement the different uses of sound within their own content. Of course, since end-users have access to it as well it makes for a cool little virtual reality experience and one that shouldn’t be missed if you have the needed equipment to check it out. More than just different visuals and different audio, the app will also place interactive tasks in front of the user to complete which sort of gives Audio Factory a gamified aspect, which certainly might appeal to those that really enjoy the VR games content that’s currently out there. Keep in mind though that this is by no means a full-on game to play, so users shouldn’t be expecting anything like high scores, points systems, boss fights or anything else that you might find in a proper game. That said, it’s still a fun little romp through what Daydream and VR in general are capable of. You can download Audio Factory for free from the Play Store using the button below if you fell like checking it out.

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