Netflix Now Supports HDR Video On The LG G6

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Netflix now supports HDR video on the LG G6, which is so far the only device this content will show up for. If you’re a subscriber of the streaming video service and you have a recently purchased or acquired LG G6 in hand, then you can now enjoy some of your favorite shows with more vivid colors thanks to the integrated High Dynamic Range technology that some of the video content on the platform is being offered with. The HDR video support is part of an update to the app that is rolling out to users as of today it seems, though it’s also important to keep in mind that just because HDR content is now available in the Netflix app on Android, that doesn’t mean every single show or movie you watch will be offered in an HDR version.

Netflix initially announced HDR video support coming to the app with the LG G6 as the first supported device back during Mobile World Congress at the end of February, but since the LG G6 wasn’t available yet the feature was also not available. That being said, the LG G6 launched not too long ago but HDR video within the Netflix app still hadn’t been released. Now with the v5.0 update to the Netflix Android app that is all going to change.

In addition to having the LG G6 and the latest version of Netflix installed there is one more requirement that users will have to meet before they can watch any HDR content on their device, and that’s subscribing to the $11.99 monthly plan that allows users to stream Netflix to four different screens. This tier is what opens up the ability to watch content in 4K and in HDR for the shows that offer it, so if you’re not already on this plan then you’ll need to pay a little bit more each month to take advantage of the HDR benefits. That said, a couple dollars a month is not much, and it probably seems like a valuable investment if you’re consuming quite a bit of content through Netflix every single month anyway.