Nest Reportedly Has 4K Security Camera On The Way

Nest Camera AH 1

Nest reportedly has a 4K security camera on the way to become their newest device in the line of smart home products that they offer. At the moment the details of the device seem to be mostly known at this point save for a couple of key factors, such as the exact launch date and the cost of the camera at launch. It’s said that the camera may be announced before the end of this month which leaves a little over a week left for Nest to make an official unveiling, and when it launches although there is no set price point yet the expected cost is to be more than Nest’s currently available security camera.

As for the technical details, the camera will be able to record in 4K but won’t actually display a 4K picture, and will instead show images in 1080p. That being said the 1080p images will have the ability to display more detail when the user zooms in on the image compared to on the standard Nest Cams that you can currently pick up, so while users won’t be able stream or record in 4K resolution they will get images with better details, and that’s still an improvement over the standard model.

As is to be expected Nest will be making some updates to the camera hardware, and will be implementing the use of USB Type-C for the connection and charging port. It’s reportedly designed to be used indoors and not outside, so this probably won’t be a good solution as a replacement for the Nest Outdoor Cam. It’s also going to feature an LED indicator ring around the lens so users will know when the recording process is happening. Like other security cameras the Nest 4K camera will have motion detection available and it zooms in from the moment that it detects motion so users will have a good view of the video footage from the start. There’s no detail yet on what colors it will come in, if it comes in more than one color, but chances are it’ll be black like the currently available indoor camera.