Moto Z Spotted With A Back Silver Housing On eBay


The Moto Z was officially unveiled in June last year at Lenovo's Tech World 2016, appearing in various colors: gold and black. However, upon launch, the Moto Mod-compatible smartphones failed to yield a single shade of silver. It has taken close to a year since the Moto Z's launch before someone spotted one of these housings on eBay. Described as "Original Battery Housing Door Back Cover Replacement For Motorola Moto Z" and going for $32.88 a pop, it has been listed since March 12, 2017. It looks like not too many Moto Z owners are gunning for a change in their respective handsets' looks, as more than 10 pieces are still available. If you would like to kit out your Moto Z to have it look special and glitzier than ever before, perhaps making a purchase off of eBay is the next logical step.

The silver metal housing which has been advertised on eBay does seem to share many similarities to the gold colored version. As to why the silver colored Moto Z not seeing a release remains a question that has no official answers. Now, a window of opportunity has opened up for Moto Z owners worldwide to enhance the looks of their handset.

If there is one particular red flag that interested Moto Z owners might want to take note off, it will ship from Shenzen, China to wherever you are for free if you are all right with economy shipping. The niggling question behind everyone's minds would be, "Is this a legit housing for the Moto Z, or is it some cheap ripoff?" There is only one answer to that question: which is to perform the purchase yourself and find out for sure. With worldwide shipping available, it is certainly a tempting offer for Moto Z owners who would like to spruce up their handset with something unique. The seller of this Moto Z silver metal housing, bluegulf69, has amassed a respectable feedback score of 527, while having received 99.4% positive feedback on eBay. This ought to go some way in alleviating any kind of worry that it is a fake or knockoff product.

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