Mophie Google Pixel XL Juice Pack Battery Case Now Available


Mophie is one of the most well-known makers of smartphone cases and especially for cases which come with an external battery pack built right in, and now they have just such a protective case available for Google's Pixel XL. There are any number of complaints users generally have which span the vast array of different handsets and battery life expectancy has to be right near the top of that list. The battery found inside the Pixel XL is already a respectable 3,450 mAh, but Mophie's battery case will extend that by a whopping 85-percent – adding 2,950 mAh and bringing the total capacity on offer up to 6,400 mAh. As an added bonus, the case also works with Qi-standard wireless chargers and "other wireless charging stations." When rapid charging is needed, it also maintains the Pixel XL's USB Type-C charging port to facility Qualcomm's Quick Charge features, at up to 15 watts.

The only real downside to a battery-bearing case is that they tend to add some bulk to modern smartphones. Thanks, in part, to the fact that battery technology has been advancing mostly on the software front, rather than in the hardware itself. That can be a deal-breaker for some people who want to keep their device looking as sleek as possible. On the other hand, an 85-percent increase in battery capacity should lead to a relatively large increase in the amount of both screen-on time and standby time that the Pixel XL is capable of achieving. To some, the additional heft is simply worth it to get that extra usage – as is the cost associated with battery packs and battery cases. The Pixel XL case is now available online at Mophie's website, as well as Verizon's retail locations, since the carrier was the exclusive carrier to offer the device in-store. Either way, the case does cost $99.95.

Aside from simply adding battery life, Mophie's Pixel XL case features "internal rubberizes support pads" to really protect your investment in a hard drop or other high-impact situations. Additionally, the corners of the case are raised to prevent screen damage. On the front of the case, there are forward-firing speaker ports which are designed to actively amplify sound and redirect it toward the user. The battery pack built into the case can be switched off or on and can display current battery levels and other charging stats. Finally, the case is designed to charge the phone first and then its own internal battery – a feature Mophie calls "Priority+® charging." The case is available now. So if you happen to be one of those users who always finds themselves wishing the battery in their Pixel XL was just a bit bigger, you can make that happen by heading through the link below.

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