Mellow Puts A Speaker And A Battery In A Table


Mellow, a new Kickstarter project that has already managed to sell out some of its prize tiers, takes a stylish, modern end table, and adds in a powerful Bluetooth speaker and a 6,600mAh power bank. The somewhat unassuming device looks like a stool at first glance, but the polished wood grain top makes it look rather uncomfortable to sit on, and the music controls and triad of ports betray the supposed stool's real identity. Inside, you'll find a built-in 6,600mAh or 13,000mAh battery hooked up to a USB port; whether you've got a Macbook, a Galaxy S8, or even an oldie but goodie like the Nexus 4, this table has you covered. You'll also find eight high-powered speakers, capable of bathing a whole room in rich sound.

Mellow comes in four color and grain variants. You can get pine, black walnut, ash, and cherry wood for the tabletop and legs. The fabric between the legs and the tabletop, however, only comes in gray. All of the various color choices can be applied to both the 6,600mAh version and the 13,000mAh version of Mellow. The same things lie beneath the fabric in all versions, of course; a metal grid that gives Mellow its shape, and protects the two speaker arrays of four speakers each, as well as the battery sitting at the core of the unit.

As of this writing, Mellow has absolutely blown away its funding goal, and many reward tiers are already sold out. The cheapest you'll be able to get your hands on one is $289, which will get you one 6,600mAh Mellow unit shipped anywhere in the world. Throw in $10, and you bump the capacity up to 13,000mAh. Because the project hit its $60,000 stretch goal, backers can expect their Mellow to ship alongside a 3-in-1 cable that allows them to charge up devices that have MicroUSB, Lightning, and USB Type-C ports. The project is set to begin shipping in August, if all goes well. Since all of the limited tiers sold out and all of the stretch goals were met, there's no reason to believe that there will be any difficulties with getting ordered units made and shipped out to backers.


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