Meizu's Android-Based Flyme OS Coming To Third-Party Phones

Flyme 6 third party phones announcement 1

Meizu’s Flyme 6 OS is now available for third-party smartphones it seems. The company has announced via their official Flyme page on Weibo (Chinese social network), that their Flyme 6 OS has been adapted to work with third-party smartphones. The company also mentioned that the list of supported devices will be revealed on May 9, so if you’re interested in checking that out, you might want to check back on May 9.

Meizu already published Andriod Marshmallow-based Flyme 6 OS on Github, and all we’re waiting at this point is a list of supported smartphones, we don’t even know what to expect in this regard, it’s a mystery at this point. How, does this work? Well, developers will be in charge of adapting future Flyme released to specific smartphone models, this will function similar to how other ROMs are being maintained for third-party smartphones. Flyme 6 had been introduced last year by Meizu, and is currently available for a couple of their devices in a global variant, while a Chinese variant of Flyme 6 OS is already installed on a number of Meizu’s smartphones. Those of you who did not have a chance to try out Meizu’s Flyme 6 OS are in for a bit of a surprise, as this OS is a bit different than what you’re used to, even though you’ll be getting a slightly different experience on third-party devices which don’t ship with Meizu’s mBack home key. Now, this only means that you won’t be using one key to navigate the phone, but will be utilizing existing buttons on your smartphone that Flyme 6 OS gets installed on, everything else should be the same though, of course.

Flyme 6 OS comes with a number of nice features, as you will be getting some gesture controls, which you will be able to utilize even if the screen is turned off, at least you can do that on Meizu’s device’s, so we’re presuming all the features in Flyme 6 will be available on third-party smartphones as well. Flyme 6 also comes with a built-in theme engine, and it doesn’t ship with an app drawer, all of your apps will be available on the home screen, similar to what you get on Xiaomi’s MIUI OS. In any case, Flyme 6 is coming to third-party smartphones soon, stay tuned.


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