Latest Chrome Beta Suggests Copied URLs In Omnibox


The latest versions of Chrome for Android in the Play Store on the Beta track and newer now suggest links that you've copied for use in the Omnibox according to a new report. The way that the feature works is fairly simple; just copy a link anywhere on your device, inside or outside of Chrome, then give the Omnibox a tap as if you're going to type in or paste a URL. Along with the keyboard, you'll also see a list of links that you've recently copied. Tapping any of them will put that link into the Omnibox and send you there. The feature was reported on the Dev channel of Chrome, and one user said that they found the feature up and running in the Beta version of Chrome on their device. It was, of course, also found to be up and running on the Canary version of Chrome for Android.

It should be noted that this only seems to be working on certain devices at the moment. The Chrome version being reported on devices where this new feature works is version 60. Thus far, there are sparse reports as to exactly what devices, architectures, and Android versions that the function works for. This feature was tested on various devices, and it was found to be present on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running a custom Android 7.1.2 ROM, but only with Chrome Canary. A Google Pixel XL running stock Android 7.1.2 was able to get the feature up and running on Chrome Dev. Other devices tested did not show the feature on any version of Chrome. This seems to imply that the feature only works on Android 7.1.2 at this time, but wider testing would be needed to confirm this.

The move to Chrome version 60 across platforms in the stable channel is set to be completed around August. For now, the stable channel is in version 58. The latest feature updates on the mobile side include highlights like WebVR support and Animated PNG support, among others. The desktop version is on roughly the same track. The Dev channel of Chrome, meanwhile, is already on version 60 across all platforms, but it will continue to pick up new features as development rolls on.


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