J.D. Power: Web Experience Boosts Overall Buyer Satisfaction

According to a new study from J.D. Power, called "The Canadian Wireless Purchase Experience Study", the convenience of being able to purchase things online is driving up the level of satisfaction users feel about the experience. The study - which was conducted across Canadian wireless carrier's from September through October of last year and in March of 2017 - was released on May 11. J.D. Power measured a total of six different factors and polled 6,705 customers to reach its conclusion.

On a scale of 1-1,000, satisfaction, in general, is up by 23 points from 2016. The six factors included in the study included "store representative, online purchase, phone purchase, facility, offerings and promotions, and overall cost of service." According to the study, the web-based buying experience accounts for far more of the overall improvement than any other factor measured. In fact, customer satisfaction resulting from the online buying experience is up by 41 points from last year. The number of consumers going online to make a purchase is up by three percent, while the number of customers shopping in stores dropped by four percent from the 2016 portion of the study. That's could be a pretty distinctive correlation. J.D. Power attributes the shift to how much easier shopping for everything online has become and concludes that experience is the driving force behind the increase in overall satisfaction. That makes sense since it is often inconvenient to have to drive to a store or call a representative. The options for buying everything from a new line of service to making changes to a pre-existing plan are constantly being streamlined for online customers.

With all of that out of the way, it isn't all happiness and sunshine. Satisfaction was shown by J.D. Power to vary depending on the transaction type. People making changes to their current plans had the least satisfactory experience. There's no mention as to whether that figure has anything to do with the psychology underlying the need to change services, but it is the least satisfactory for customers of the transaction types. In addition to that, having retail moved to digital servers brings with it the risk that something will stop working appropriately during a transaction. When users visit a store, there's almost no chance the attendant will suddenly freeze for several minutes and then promptly forget what they were doing. Frozen or malfunctioning websites caused a drop of nearly 60 points for those customers who had experienced it, even though the percentage of those problems is down by two percent from 2016. So who wins the battle to be Canada's most satisfactory buying experience? At the top of the pile are Koodo Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Each of the two scored 812 out of 1,000. Videotron was ranked in third and Freedom Mobile in fourth, with 802 and 793 points respectively. The other carriers from the study were ranked below that, as represented in the graphic J.D. Power published alongside its press release. More information from that study can also be found at the source link.

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