InstaVR Debuts "Single-Click" Daydream App Publishing

instavr daydream image

InstaVR’s “single-click” app publishing system for platforms like Gear VR, Android, iOS, and Oculus, is now compatible with Google’s Daydream virtual reality (VR) system. Using this solution, InstaVR users can build basic VR apps in a matter of minutes using a simple click-based, code-free method. This update adds full support for actions using the Daydream controller and allows users to publish apps made in InstaVR to Daydream quickly and easily. The kicker with Daydream support is that InstaVR allows users to put out longer, more detailed experiences with Daydream than with other mobile platforms, and the additional horsepower afforded by native support for Unreal Engine and Unity empowers users to create and publish remarkable VR experiences for the platform, the company claims.

InstaVR was designed to allow users to go from a brand new project to a published app in less than an hour, if assets and engines are already in place. The solution takes care of most of this for you, handling things like the camera, movement, object detection, and other elements besides the actual experience that usually need to be coded in order to deliver a VR experience. This allows creators with little knowledge or patience with traditional content creation methods to get their idea for a VR app out there, and now they can also do so while using the power of Daydream and the interactivity offered by its remote controller.

InstaVR automates the majority of the process of making a VR app, though the final step of downloading a prepared APK file and uploading it to places like the Play Store or Aptoide is left to the developer. With the addition of Daydream, InstaVR now supports almost all major VR platforms on the market, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Cardboard for both Android and iOS. SteamVR, which allows PC gamers to use almost any off-the-shelf VR equipment for a universally compatible VR app or game, is still notably absent from its compatibility list. Daydream support in InstaVR is live right now, so anyone with an idea for a VR app can now give it a try.