HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Video Review and Installation


HTC launched the Vive a little over one year ago now, and while it was the most advanced VR system anyone had released, it wasn't perfect in every way.  While it offered motion controls and room scale movement that no other competitors did, the headset design itself wasn't exactly the best when compared to other VR units like the Oculus Rift, or the later released Playstation VR.  Since then HTC has taken note of the fact that the Vive is the heaviest of these headsets and redesigned the straps meant to hold the unit to your face.  Now they're releasing this newly designed headset for $99, an addition that just might change the way you view the HTC Vive.

Taking a note from the PSVR and Oculus Rift's headset designs, HTC has made this one easier than ever to not only put on your head, but also to adjust it.  Following a fairly simple installation of removing the old straps and literally clipping the new ones on, users will be able to drop the headset on their skulls and adjust it via the simple wheel mechanism on the back.  This tightens the sides and brings the head unit closer, all while cradling the back of the skull in a way the original straps didn't.  In addition to this HTC has added on a pair of fantastic headphones, which are removable if one so chooses.  These headphones lock in to the unit, providing an easy and downright excellent way to hear your VR games.

HTC didn't skimp on the quality of these either.  Known for founding the Beats brand, HTC generally has a pedigree to live up to when it comes to audio, and these headphones fit the bill without a doubt.  Giving the ease of snapping in via a spring-loaded mechanism, with adjustable height of about 2 inches to fit various different heads, these new headphones take the best of the competition's designs and attempt to improve upon it in many ways.  Still you're looking at another $100 to spend after already having spent around $800 for the unit itself, and likely much more on the machine to run it.  Is it truly worth it?  Find out in our review video below!


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