Google Unveils 'Photo Books', Create Real Life Photo Albums

Google Photo Books 1

Google Photos is one of Google’s fastest-growing apps at the moment, and the company announced several new Google Photos features during this year’s Google I/O, including a rather interesting feature / service called ‘Photo Books’. So, what is that? Well, Photo Books is essentially a new service which can get real life photo albums at your doorstep, and thanks to Google’s Photos app and the ‘Photo Books’ addition to it, it’s supposed to save you a lot of time when it comes to creating photo albums, read on.

Now, once you select a bunch of photos in Google Photos and would like to utilize the Photo Books feature by clicking on ‘Add to photo book’ option, the app will basically remove duplicate and poor quality images, in order to leave you only the quality ones that you can include in your album. So, let’s say that you went for a hiking trip during the weekend, and took a bunch of photos. Well, all you need to do is select all of them, and Google Photos will filter them for you, though it will allow you do to further modifications after that. After the app is done, you will be able to edit its selections, of course, you will be able to remove more photos, add some you think are not included and should be, and so on. Now, once you’re done, all you can create a real life ‘Photo Book’, or in other words, Photo Album, for $9.99 thanks to Google new offering. Do keep in mind that the aforementioned pricing applies for a 20-page softcover book, and if you’d like to create a 20-page hardcover book, you’ll need to splash out $19.99. This new feature is supposed to save a lot of time when it comes to organizing photos, and deliver nice, real life albums at your doorstep, which is a nice concept. Google Photos was launched two years ago and it managed to get over 500 million active users to this day, so Google is obviously doing something right with this app, as it offers a number of really useful features to users.

That being said, ‘Photo Books’ are rolling out in the US starting today. This feature is rolling out in the US to web, and it will hit Android and iOS devices next week, says Google. The company is planning to bring Photo Books to more countries soon, but Google did not release any specific details just yet. It is worth noting that this is not the only novelty when it comes to Google Photos, the Mountain View giant also added ‘Suggestive Sharing’ and ‘Shared Libraries’ features to the app, both of which were announced at Google I/O.