Google To Launch New US-Based Job Search Service

Google for Jobs

Google has announced that it is entering the job search game. At Google I/O 2017, Google confirmed that it is launching a new job finding service, Google for Jobs. Although Google has yet to confirm when the service will go live specifically, Google for Jobs is set to become available in the coming weeks.

At the moment it does seem as though the service will only be available to job seekers within the US. However, this will be a service that spans the spectrum of jobs, appealing to those looking for a step up on the career ladder, as well as those looking for entry-level jobs. So this will not be a job or category specific service. Of course, with such a wide array of jobs on offer, it will be difficult for Google to match up jobs accordingly and accurately. Although, this is where Google’s often talked about machine learning algorithm will come into play. As this will essentially be the backbone of the service, ensuring that the right sort of jobs are being grouped together, and shown to the right sort of people. Likewise, it seems as though the service will work the other way around as well – with Google looking to ensure that recruiters are seeing the right sort of candidates. So this is a service that is designed with both job seekers and recruiters equally in mind.

As it is understood, users will be able to simply search for a job using Google Search. At which point the search service will look to highlight jobs that match the searcher’s criteria and/or needs. One point to note here is that the service is not looking to take on the various already available and well known job searching sites and services. Instead, the service will simply look to make use of their data and vacancies, and better match them to suited candidates. During the last few weeks, an example of the service had already gone live in some capacity. Although, as it is understood, the service will be greatly expanded on, and become more feature-rich, when it does properly launch over the next month.