Google Search Is Making It Easier To Find A New Job

Google Search Jobs AH 1

Google seems to be testing a new job search feature within Google Search. It is unclear how long the feature has been available for, but it is showing up on Search results through Chrome on desktop and when using the Chrome app on mobile. The functionality works in a similar way to other Search-related aspects from Google, so once a user performs the search, the results will come back highlighting a small selection of locally available job opportunities, as well as a link which will take the job searcher through to a much greater and more substantial list of available local jobs.

To activate the feature, the user simply opens up Google Search and searches specifically for “Jobs” or “Jobs online”. Note, “Job” or “Job online” won’t return the results, so while the two listed search terms might not be the only ones available (“Google search jobs” also seems to work), not all related keyword searches are activating the feature at the moment. It also does seem to be the case that you need to be signed into your Google account for the feature to show up – as it uses that information to ensure that the jobs listed are local to you. So this will not work in incognito mode and so on.

This follows on from the news a couple of weeks ago that Google also seems to be testing a new hiring portal. At the moment the news on this portal is a little limited, but a dedicated “Google Hire” domain seems to be in action which allows companies to list jobs through Google. Applicants can then apply and all of the management of those applications occurs through the Google Hire portal. While this latest Search-based feature is a little different – as it sources job applications through third-party listings like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and so on – it is not hard to assume that in the future, these two aspects might work much more hand-in-hand. In the meantime though, if you want to check out the new feature, open Chrome on mobile (or head to the Google homepage on desktop), use the mentioned specific search terms, and make sure you are signed into your Google account.