Google Home Will Soon Be Able To Cast Visual Responses To TV

Google Home AH NS 08

At its Google I/O developer conference earlier today, the search giant announced that its Google Home smart speaker will soon gain the ability to cast its response to TVs as part of a new feature called “Visual Responses.” According to the announcement, users will soon be able to ask Google Home for directions to a given address, or a roundup of the day’s schedule, and the device will be able to cast the answer on the big screen, eliminating the need to reach out for the smartphone. While this will be a really interesting feature to have, Google hasn’t really given an ETA for when it will actually push through the update. In fact, Google said that it will be a while before this particular feature is actually available on Home.

Of course, the ability to cast on large-screen televisions isn’t the only new feature expected on the Google Home speaker. The device is all set to get a slew of interesting new features in the coming days, if today’s announcements are anything to go by. The device is getting hands-free calling, which is pretty self-explanatory. Users will be able to tell Google Home to call any number on their phone’s contact list, and the device will follow instructions. It will do so from its own private phone number by default, but users will also be able to use their own number to let people know who is calling. Like the screen cast feature, this particular update will also take some time before it’s rolled out across the U.S. and Canada. Google says that it will be activated in the coming months.

Google Home will also get enhanced multimedia capabilities as part of the new feature-set that the search giant plans to roll out to the device over the next few months. It will soon gain the ability to stream music from Spotify, SoundCloud, and Deezer, and videos from HBO Now, Hulu and a number of other channels. Along with all of that, Google also announced that it will add support for Bluetooth streaming, so that should allow users to play media directly from their phone, tablet or laptop.