Google Apps Dropping Web Clipboard Support In September 2017

Google has announced that its Docs, Sheets, and Slides productivity apps will be losing their Web Clipboard functionality, shown below, as of September 13. According to Google, the function hasn't seen a lot of use and was only created in the first place due to many users of their apps using them in browsers that had some issues with how traditional copying and pasting was handled. Many browsers have since addressed issues with copying text and other content across tabs or windows, making the web clipboard function unnecessary. In its place, Google said that it will be bringing some improvements to the way that those three apps handle traditional copy and past operations, but didn't provide much detail about how it's planning to do that.

One possibility for those mysterious improvements is a fairly new Chrome feature called copyless paste. The functionality automates copying and pasting by essentially guessing at what you would want to copy and paste. It looks at your Chrome activity, and checks for any data on a page that may correspond, such as monthly bills in a Docs document and a budgeting website in another tab. Data is entered in automatically from there, and users can correct it or enter different data as needed. Once enabled, the feature works all over Chrome but is currently only available through the Dev and Canary software channels. The whole thing is powered by machine learning, like most things Google does these days, which means that the feature will get more and more accurate with time, as more users give it a try and start using it on a daily basis.

It's worth noting that traditional copying and pasting using the right-click menu or relevant keyboard shortcuts is still possible, and Google has shown no intention of getting rid of that functionality. This means that those who did make heavy use of the Web Clipboard can still use a dedicated clipboard app for the same functionality, or can simply resort to more traditional means. Obviously, those who didn't use Web Clipboard won't notice any difference when the feature first gets pulled, but Google did not make itself quite clear on what it meant by saying that the copy and paste functionality in the listed apps will be improved. Web Clipboard won't be disappearing until September 13, so it's quite possible that Google will reveal more information about the coming improvements before then.

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