Future Daydream Update Will Add Chromecast Support

Google IO 2017 Daydream Tango AH 34

A future Daydream update will add Chromecast support to the platform so users will be able to enjoy their experiences in virtual reality with friends in a whole new way. While it’s easy enough to pass around the headset to anyone in the room who may want to experience the content for themselves, Google announced that it will soon be possible for users to stream their content to the big screen so others can watch the action unfold. This will make it way easier to share the VR experience in a sense and should make for some interesting sessions.

Google doesn’t seem to have given full details on the new feature just yet but judging by the GIF image below that shows the casting in action, Daydream users will be able to bring up a menu while immersed in their content that will have a newly added Cast button available, and when clicked it brings up options of any available Chromecast devices that you’ll be able to connect and stream to. From here it’s as simple as it is to cast something from your smartphone or tablet outside of VR, just pick the device and the content will begin streaming to the TV or monitor that the Chromecast is plugged into, or to the TV or monitor that the Chromecast technology is built-in.

Google doesn’t mention a time frame for the launch of this new feature but it may not be too far off, though it’s entirely possible that it could still be months away. For now it might be reasonable to assume that there is still a fair amount of time before users will be able to cast their Daydream sessions as the announcement was just made today during Google I/O. This is just one of the few Daydream-related announcements that Google has made since the conference started yesterday morning, as the company also announced two upcoming VR headsets for the Daydream platform, both of which will be standalone and come from Lenovo as well as HTC’s Vive team. With new headsets on the way, the ability to experience VR from the sidelines as someone is playing seems like a wonderful feature to have.