Facebook Changed The Design Of Trending Results On Mobile

Facebook has changed the design of Trending Results on mobile in an attempt to make it easier to discover trending topics through Facebook's app. The new Trending Results screen will begin rolling out on iOS devices in the US, and will make its way to Android and desktop at some point in the near future. The other change will be rolling out to all types of users in a very limited test. Users who are chosen to test out the upcoming change will begin seeing the top three Trending stories in their regular news feed. Clicking on any one of those will bring the user to the Trending Results screen for that item, while clicking below will show users the Trending menu.

The new Trending Results screen will show users a swipeable carousel of stories from that topic, allowing users to juxtapose different perspectives and angles on the same news. Along the bottom of that carousel, users can see media concerning that topic from various sources. The publications shown in this view are determined in much the same way as the publications and stories that show up in the normal Trending view. The same criteria and sorting order are still present, but this new view makes it easier than ever for users to see news outlets' coverage of a topic side by side. The new view can be seen in a testing render below, and will seemingly look similar on desktop and Android.

The two new views not only bring more attention to Trending topics and make it easier for users to find and navigate them, but serve a dual purpose in helping Facebook to fight spin and fake news. In the past, Facebook has been accused of demonstrating bias in the way that it approached the curation of Trending topics, and it's mounted more than a few initiatives to not only keep fake news from reaching users, but to educate them for times that they are exposed to fake news. By juxtaposing multiple news sources, users have a chance to evaluate possible bias or inconsistencies on their own, and Facebook can, for the most part, claim impartiality.

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