DIY Mocktail Mixer with Google Assistant at Google I/O 2017


Have you been looking to replace your favorite bartender with a robot one? Looking to have a little more convenience at home when attempting to mix drinks? Not quite good enough at measuring out the right ingredients or remembering recipes? Deeplocal has the answer for you, and it’s not only a cutting edge robotic bartender for your home, but it’s one you can build yourself in as little as a single weekend. Utilizing the power of the newly released Google Assistant SDK, or Software Development Kit, the folks over at Deeplocal have put together a cool machine that can sit on your counter and mix up as many drinks as you give it ingredients for.

At Google I/O 2017, folks from Deeplocal demonstrated this new gadget to us, and its abilities are numerous. The machine itself can be assembled in a day or two, depending on your knowledge and ambition, and can be made using a variety of different materials depending on cost and availability. The whole package will likely require a bit of coding knowledge, although Deeplocal has worked to make it as simple a process as possible, given the scope. This Mocktail Mixer, as they’ve been calling it, was serving up some pretty fancy non-alcoholic drinks to the folks attending Google I/O 2017, but you can program it to make whatever you want at home. The real magic here isn’t just mixing the ingredients for you though, it’s the fact that Google Assistant is fully built into the product.

This is the same Google Assistant that you can find on your smartphone, or on other third party devices as well. Google Assistant was a huge centerpiece at this year’s I/O, and there’s a very good reason for that. Deeplocal’s relatively simple method of integrating Assistant into a custom-built machine shows not just the versatility of Google Assistant and Google’s back-end machine learning abilities, but also the power of its SDK as well. In the video below you’ll get a little run down on how the machine works, as well as some suggestions for how to put the machine together yourself and save money at the same time. There’s nothing like asking your robot bartender to tell you a joke while its mixes a cocktail up, and that’s of course the beginning of what we’re likely to see with Assistant going forward.