Delayed: Android Apps for Chrome OS & Samsung Chromebook Pro

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Announced at Google I/O last year, Android apps on Chrome OS still has a ways to go, and it appears that the search giant has now delayed them. Now, when it was announced last year, Google made Android apps available on three Chromebooks, all of which had different form factors, and it was only available in the dev channel, because it was far from finished. At CES 2017, there were a slew of new Chromebooks from ASUS and Samsung in Las Vegas, which is when Google announced that all Chromebooks announced and launched in 2017 would come with Android app support out of the box. But now that the Samsung Chromebook Pro seemingly is delayed, it’s looking like Android apps are also delayed, as they haven’t launched on really any new Chrome OS devices in quite some time.

Those that have used Android apps on Chrome OS will know that they really aren’t ready for primetime. Many of the apps feel janky and laggy on Chromebooks. This could largely be because you are using apps that were made for Android – a totally different platform – and using them on Chrome OS. Google is working on it to make them better, but they are likely the reason behind the Samsung Chromebook Pro being delayed, and not Samsung. Now Samsung hasn’t come out and said that the Chromebook Pro is delayed, but it was supposed to launch in April, and it’s now May. The same goes for Google and Android apps for Chrome OS, but it’s quite clear that something is keeping the rollout from happening.

Samsung has noted that the Chromebook Pro will be available “later this Spring” which basically gives Samsung until June 21st to roll out the Chromebook Pro. As far as Android apps on Chrome OS, we may hear something about it at Google I/O, which is set to take place in less than two weeks in Mountain View. Google may give us an update on this project and announce that it’s rolling out to all compatible Chrome OS devices, or announce some changes, we will have to wait and see.