CrucialTec Granted In-Display Fingerprint Solution US Patent

CrucialTec has secured an in-display fingerprint solution patent in the US, according to a new report out of The Investor. According to the report, CrucialTec has confirmed the patent approval which revolves around what the company calls its “Display Fingerprint Solution” (DFS). This solution is expected to allow smartphone users to unlock and/or authenticate themselves by simply placing a finger directly on the smartphone display. This is due to the fingerprint sensor being embedded directly in the display, with the explanation that all of the parts of the sensor are transparent in nature.

The report also looks to confirm that the company plans to launch DFS-equipped devices “as early as this year” with the information suggesting smartphones and wearable devices will be the first devices to have the technology included. According to comments reportedly provided by a CrucialTec official, while smartphone displays will localize the technology in a specific place, smartwatches will likely see the entire display equipped with DFS.

While not directly confirmed, it does seem as though this US patent approval is a follow-on from a similar patent approval that was reported on last month. At that time, CrucialTec were again noted obtaining a patent, although on that occasion the patent was for a “transparent fingerprint sensor.” At the time, it was also reported that the company was looking to obtain an expanded number of patents surrounding the technology. With this latest patent seemingly part of that expansion. As such, this latest patent approval does suggest that the technology is edging closer to becoming available to consumers. Speaking of which, the suggested 2017 arrival time for an in-display fingerprint sensor ties in nicely with a report that initially came through in February of this year. One which also looked to confirm CrucialTec's plans to introduce in-display fingerprint sensors before the end of this year. A time-frame that also seems to fit neatly with the recent trend in smartphone manufacturers looking to maximize the display to body ration of a smartphone's front panel, by downgraded the bezel levels in use. The introduction of in-display fingerprint sensors like DFS will likely further help to fuel and maintain that particular design trend.

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