Camera Comparison – Galaxy S8, LG G6, Pixel, HTC U Ultra


Spring is in the air, and so the latest phones have hit the market, ready to compete for your hard earned money. Samsung just launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, the HTC U Ultra is finally on the shelves, and the LG G6 has been available for a few weeks now. This means that the Spring 2017 upgrade cycle is fully underway, but there are still phones just a little bit older that are surely worth your money as well. Last year we saw Google launch the Pixel and Pixel XL, two phones that proved to have the best in class cameras and the highest score ever for a smartphone on DxOMark, the camera benchmark.

This time around we took all four phones to a garden setting, where we tested many aspects of the image quality presented on each with the beauty of Spring. Getting the color of the foliage and flowers is important and marks the winner in our first test. The second test deals with object tracking, and in this case a bee that’s been flying from flower to flower. Focusing on such a small subject is already hard for most cameras, but when that subject is moving as quickly and erratically as a bee makes it even tougher. Our third test takes a look at macro detail and how much visual information each camera can produce when given something with incredibly fine details. Dynamic range and color temperature can mean the difference between a dark, distorted looking picture and one that truly shines in the forth test.

We also cover selfies, which are all important in the digital age of social media, especially when visiting somewhere or someone special. There’s also the odd awkward shot of trying to get around the sun shining straight into a camera, and difficult shots to take, like that of a fireplace fully ablaze. Which one comes out victorious?  The results may just surprise you, and may prove to be important in our upcoming comparison with the HTC U11, which has just beaten the Google Pixel on DxOMark as the highest scoring smartphone camera ever. Check out the video below: