Boom Road Hits Play Store Complete With Retro Racing Action

Boom Road has hit the Play Store complete with retro racing action. To be more precise, Boom Road is hailed as an action racing game with blocky graphics, which is where the retro feel comes from. In terms of gameplay, it feels very much like an endless runner as you'll be racing down the highway to see how far you can go before you get taken out by the cops. Yes there are cops as you're a criminal running from the law, but you have your advantages, like your car being able to shoot rockets and blow up cop cars to ensure your swift escape. The trick is to keep it going, and the longer you succeed, the higher your score and of course, the better your chances at reaching an unlock of some sort that will be usable in future gaming sessions.

When it comes to unlocks, there are more than 30 different cars for you to drive but they aren't all immediately available. There are also new capabilities for you to unlock as well which could help you later on when you run into more trouble, as cop cars aren't your only concern. There are helicopters too, and it'll surely be more challenging to get away from them, which is why you'll want more powerful attacks so you can shoot them out of the sky.

Boom Road doesn't just have retro looking visuals, but it also has some retro-sounding audio to make for an immersive time machine back to the days of NES and SNES games with intensely awesome soundtracks to make the game feel more exciting and alive. You're able to colorize your vehicles so if you enjoy a little bit of personalization, you can customize their colors to suit your tastes. In addition to cop cars and police helicopters, there will also be traffic on the highway that you'll need to avoid if you want to continue your escape, so you'll have to be quick to switch lanes and weave in and out of traffic when it's required. Though Boom Road has a lot to offer and it's a great little game that costs noting, one of the best parts about it will be the visuals of the explosions, which are sure to be enjoyable to any gamer who likes special effects. If you're interested in checking out Boom Road you can grab the game from the Play Store using the button below.

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